23 December 2009

Filofax crunch time!

Hello everybody from Snowy Scotland! Just popping into a cafe for emails and a quick post. Christmas is just a few days away and the frenzy is nearing its peak! Thank goodness for my Filofax. I use it (actually them, plural) the most around the holidays I think. My household A5 holds my Christmas card list and the addresses of all the people I send to, and all my stamps so it's a one-stop place for all my card-sending needs. My Scotland Filofax is useful as ever while I'm here on my trip. I left my blogging Filo (purple personal Fins) and Ivory Deco at home. It was hard to choose what to bring and what to leave! But that's the beauty of a Filo: I took out the pages I needed for this trip and stuck them into my Scotland Filo. I do a lot of page-switching around from book to book!

How is your Filofax useage evolving this holiday season? New Year's resolution/ goals changing? New diary format? Branching out into multiple Filofaxes? This is a time of change and Filofaxes are great for that!


  1. Since my new Filo is the Kendal personal, I have already moved addresses from my A5 to this one for Cards and wishes to friends and family. I have started putting my personal credit cards, business cards, and the like into this new friend.
    Thanks for having a place to vent, ask questions, or just coment on the "planner addiction" I have. It is very much appreciated. I hope all of my new friends have a safe holiday and if any are in Pennsylvania, look me up, we can compare Filo's over a cup of coffee or tea!

  2. Merry Chirstmas Everyone!

    I also have a Personal Kendal Filofax. I love it. It is currently keeping track of 'Santa' presents for my son, and lists of family presents and amounts spent. I am toying with the idea of a totally different diary set up for 2010. I currently use a week to a view unlined. I have brought a week to a view with the notes on the facing page. But I want more. I want a better record of my days. I want to be more observant about things that happen in my life. I want more detail on my pages. So I am thinking of using a monthly calendar to record appointments and for forward planning (I am not overly busy in this regard) and using either a whole page to record stuff about my day. I am trying to decide if one page, back and front is the way to go, or if using 2 pages to an opening, where I can see the 'whole' day would be better. I am leaning to this idea more. I don't think Filofax make a page format like this. So I am thinking I will either use ruled Filo paper or pages I have cut from other books. I am also thinking about the format or structure for my pages. I don't want to be 'confined' to boxes and lines for everthing, but I think some things work well in the same palce every day - like day, date, weather etc. I hope all this makes sense. I will look at putting some pics up when I get it working. I am aiming for my pages to be busy colourful reflections of my days.

  3. Merry Christmas! I got a new raspberry pocket Finsbury and can't wait to use it. It is a snowy day here so the perfect weather to curl up with a cup of coffee and a new filofax! I told my hubby my goal was to use this filofax all year long (I have a terrible habit of changing in the middle of the year, you know how that goes). :) I admit it, I am addicted to filofaxes!!

  4. I need to plan better for Christmas. I'm not lacking in the ability to do all the necessary things...purchase gifts that are appropriate to each recipient, wrap them, purchase the wrapping supplies, tip my hairdresser and mail carrier, and so on. I just forget some of these things until the last minute every year. Even if I think I've planned well, there are always a couple of things I forget and end up squeezing in at the last minute.

    Last year, my cards never got sent. This year, I bought unnecessary gift wrap and bows because my project plan didn't include checking on existing supplies. I felt proud about buying these supplies nice and early, but I didn't need them!

    My 2010 Christmas project begins NOW!

    I've started a Projects tab in my Personal Finsbury...one page per project. I've used yellow paper for projects in the past, but this year I'm going with white. All of the City Dweller forms are white and gray, so I think I'd like to stay consistent with that. I'm going to retire my Chocolate Brown Finchley with the Cotton Cream filling for 2010 and use a red Finsbury with the City Dweller.

  5. I love your project tab idea Nan! I will be downsizing this year to a pocket, Raspberry Filo (I received the packaged Christmas gift set and I love it.) My personal Red Finsbury is safely tucked away for now....I added a "Birthday Tab" and right behind it a "Gift Tab". I like being able to refer back to birthday and Christmas gifts we have given in the past....I also have a "Gift Ideas" page to jot down ideas throughout the year (or gifts purchased and tucked away in the gift trunk).