10 December 2009

Filofax US big sale

Hey US Filofaxers, you're not left out of the big savings! You can get 30% off select organizers at FilofaxUSA. And as if that weren't savings enough, you can get free shipping on orders over $55! So if you were thinking of giving or getting Filofax, now's the time!

If you need some inspiration, check out the gorgeous Raspberry Pocket Organizer gift set complete with pen, 2010 diary insert and gift box. And maybe get one for someone as a gift, too! ;D

Happy Shopping!


  1. Has anyone had luck putting Franklin Covey pages into a Filofax binder? Franklin Covey has the layout I need but Filofax has nicer binders and I just bought a new one...

    Or has anyone had success creating and printing their own forms in the personal size? I have a hole punch...

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Laurie,
    The gift set looks just like a Finsbury, but it's actually not called Finsbury. (It has no name on the inside cover either) So we just call it the Gift Organizer.

  3. Lisa, you read my mind. I was going to send a correction note myself. I noticed this Gift Organizer several weeks ago. I think the inside cover with minimal pockets but a see thru license/business card holder is fantastic! I'm thinking about purchasing this for my boss.

  4. I have changed it to "Raspberry Pocket Organizer" to not confuse anyone else. Thanks again Lisa. This looks like a great gift set!

  5. It is a really nice gift. Aside from the inside, it is the same look and quality of a Finsbury--which is one of my favorite organizers, for the leather and value. The set is also well priced, as the pocket Finsbury retails for $55, the pens around $29 (we don't even sell that color pen), so at $69 it's a nice complete set. This was also a special edition set, and we don't have that many left. so if you were thinking of picking one up as a gift or for yourself, don't wait too long ;)

  6. I got this set for Christmas and can't wait to start using it! It is a snowy time here in Texas (which is very unusual) so I will have a lot of time over the weekend to start transferring info from my personal filo to my new filo....ah, talk about being in my "happy place" :)


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