18 December 2009

Free For All Friday No. 57

Well we are a bit snowed in here in SE England, nice and sunny though. I've been doing some work at home instead. Thank goodness I carry my work phone directory in my A5.

So one week to go until Christmas......

Over to you...



  1. Work from home? Oh how a long for a job where I can work from home!

  2. I'm working from home today too. Blizzard hitting LI this weekend so I want to get stuff done too. I'm trying my best not to go onto filofax.com to look at my A5 Finchley I asked for Christmas! As my boyfriend told his small neice and nephew.. 6 more big sleeps...

  3. I wish it were snowing here in Atlanta. I think Atlanta has become the new Seattle...it is raining cats and dogs and cold (for us)! Santa is not bringing me any Filofax goodies this year but I am looking forward to loading the 3 I have with their 2010 calendars.

  4. Well it doesn't happen that often here in Kent...wait it happened earlier in the year, another two days off due to snow... oh well. It could be worse I suppose.


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