04 December 2009

Filofoax UK - 20% off this weekend only


  1. Your blog is really interesting.I like it.
    Have a nice day.

  2. You Brits have all the fun! ;-(

  3. I know Michele! I just discovered the Panama and the Butterfly in Pewter and I want them both so bad.

    I am new to Filofax and JUST bought a Personal Finsbury in Rasberry. I also just spent money getting inserts from Filofax and $80 on a misc. ebay listing with three binders, two hole punches and random inserts which I needed like a hole in the head! ;0)

    I hate the Finsbury's pocket on the inner left flap. The Panama would be perfect. But I love the color and pattern of the Butterfly.

    Trying to resist a UK Ebay posting on a black panama right now...

  4. Hi, I just ordered some paper essentials for my filofax A-5 from filofax USA. I just got a little annoyed because I looked at my order history with them which has been since 2007 and realized that I never once got a coupon in the mail or anything discount email. I did get one in 2005 when I called the 800 number and told them I had been a loyal customer since the nineties. I was just curious what other users of filofax usa experience had been?


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