04 December 2009

Price reduction on Filofax Special Edition

Is it too early to treat yourself to a present to yourself for all your hard work this year? Get noticed with this Special Edition Filofax, now with £58 off the normal retail price in UK



  1. That is a lovely Filo but ever so slightly (all right, A LOT) out of my price range!!!

    I have just managed to convince my hubby to buy me the City Dweller Pack for part of my Christmas present...


    I know I don't live in the city but I think it will suit me better than the "Family Organiser" pack because I work full time. It's only just back in stock on the website after a period of absence. I can't wait :D And it's to slot inside the Personal size Filo that Francesca has kindly lent me via the Philofaxy Google Group.

  2. I love this Filo as well, but like Francesca, even with the discount, I still can't afford it! Booo!!!!!

  3. Nickie- I LOVE the city dweller pack! I am in the US and am tempted to pay a fortune for the shipping. I love the games and the pet pages especially. When you get it will you review it for us? I looked at their 3-D preview and it looks really cool.

  4. Just like the Deco, this Filo appeals to me in the same 'oooooh shiny, must have' kind of way. But then like the Deco is also brings out the 'How much!!!' part of my character

  5. I think it's way overpriced even with that enormous discount, lovely as it is. I wish they would discount the A5 Sienna!