26 December 2009

New Years Resolutions?

So the year is drawing to a close... time to think about what new years resolutions you might set yourself in 2010.

I'm normally not very good at setting myself such objectives/targets. Although I did fairly well in 2009 to record more of my life on a weekly/daily basis in my A5 Filofax journal organiser. I feel this coming year I'm better prepared. I was slightly phased last new year when I quickly realised I might have bought the wrong refill for 2009.

This coming year is likely to be a fairly busy one for my wife and I as we are hoping that our house sale is finally concluded and we emigrate from UK to France... there will be another blog! So my Filofax organisers will be more and more important to the smooth running of my life this year.

So share with us your Filofax resolutions for 2010, if you have thought of them yet...


  1. just to actually be orginised for a change

  2. My Filo resolution is to put my Finchley on a diet! My BF calls it a brick and it is really thick, the cover is curved to fit over all its contents.

    Usually on New Year's Eve I go through both the Finchley and my little Lizell and take out all the unneeded papers, put in the next year's pages, clean them up a bit and get them all ready for the new year.

  3. Yep, I normally go for the full strip down approach myself, empty the organiser of all it's pages, empty the pockets lay it out on the table in a sensible order.

    Give the organiser a clean and polish! And then start to reassemble the pages weeding out the ones I've not used in a while, file those if need be.

    May be it's a little OTT or OCD, but you feel like you have a new Filofax when you are finished

  4. To start a completely new system with a personal Filo, wirebound note book, and full size calendar.
    This ought to be really interesting!!

  5. While I usually make some sort of New Year's resolution, I don't keep track of it throughout the year. This year though, I may. I'm working on a few ideas for a resolution, and I think it will be good to look at my progress a few times during the year.

  6. I need to get used to using more than 1 filofax. I live out of an A5 lyndhurst, but often it's too big. I've got personal (Richmond) and pocket (Lyndhurst) ones, but I'm often too lazy to get the others sorted.

    Basically a little more self-discipline in 2010... :-)

  7. Hi all - just started to read this site.

    I've not used a paper diary/organiser for years, having used PDAs from the early Palms to my current Blackberry.

    I've decided that it would be far easier (and quciker) to use the Blackberry for phone/email and a filofax for diary, notes etc for both business and personal use.

    I've been browsing the Filofax site and like the look of the personal Lyndhurst Zipped but it looks a little bulky for daily use. My alternate choices are the Finsbury or the Kendal. The Kendal is probably my favourite at the moment.

    I would welcome any suggestions!

    Also, I seem to remember many years ago you could get small ring binders to store used/spare pages in, are they still available as I can't see them anywhere...


  8. I've just bought a Personal, finally. I'm going to use it for a while and see how practical it is for work. I think my problem is I use my Filo as a filing system, and not just an organiser.

  9. Rich: I am like you, I use my BlackBerry for phone and email contacts, but you will find once you have your filo that you will also use it for those contacts as well. Being a bit paranoid about having my BlackBerry stolen, I keep sensitive numbers in my filo and not on the phone.

    Having seen the Kendal 'in the leather' today I would recommend it, it's lovely.

    I should be getting my Finsbury zipped tommrrow and sadly can't wait!