26 December 2009


I think we all use the A-Z index tabs for addresses and for sorting notes for projects. I've also used the blank tabs for my own section dividers.

Anyone know what you would use the numbered ones for (1-6) ? They appear to be available in Personal and Pocket sizes only.

I noticed them on the Paper and Essentials page



  1. I used to use them with a bright post-it on the front clear sheet of my filo with a translation guide that worked for me:
    1 - tasks for business B
    2 - business A (all of it)
    3 - time log for business B
    4 - business C (all of it)
    5 - personal
    6 - random scribbles.

    after using that method for years i gave up six months ago and used a label maker and now those numbers are covered up. is it easier? I have no idea. *I* knew what number corresponded to what, that was the important thing. my number index came with one of my wanna-be A5 filos (from b&n, is lighter and much less option for me)

    I'm definitely curious to hear how others use them.

    I keep books to read, by author in the A-Z index of my personal filo.

  2. I only use the numbered ones. My A5 filofax doesn't have room for names/addresses; they're in a separate moleskine address book.

    I use the numbered ones to break up sections - #1 - work notes, #2 - personal notes, #3 = reference info, #4 is... oh. I forget...

  3. In my opinion, these a-z indexes are not helping. They only consume a lot of valuable space.

    Anyway, I use only three pages for telefone numbers. One for office, one for personal and one labeled "companies" (shops, doctors, teachers of my children etc). I don't keep addresses in my filofax. It is too easy to memorize who lives where.

  4. Luís Panadés,

    I use geometric signs since the school, cause figures can have a lot of uses that can cause some mistakes if i'm not aware so triangles, circles and boxes, and hatched signs are better for me.

    I ever used triangles do exercices, ou questions, today i use than to tasks.
    Circles are apointments and boxes are interesting thing to be done like Tv programs, sugestion of meetings and so on.

  5. When I get a new filofax and paper pack (strangely it works out about one a year) I take the 1-6 out and iuse them in that year's storage binder (yes it's me, I'm buying them). I much prefer the clear tabbed pages where you can slot in the coloured card with your own headings written on them. I have two packs of six of these in my main Personal Filo for twelve sections.

    As to the AZ if they ARE talking up space, consider writing the names and addresses on the tabs rather than paper between them; although like HP some projects of mine behind a tab have their first page as important telephone numbers for superquick access.

  6. I tend to use the indexes for all the conventional things in my filo, to do, notes, finance etc.

    However my 'evil genius' filo has been converted to make use of the A to Z for my Sea Cadet activities in which I hold notes about each cadet, what their abilities are, what motivates them, what demotivates them etc. a bit of amature psychology which staff can use if needs be.

    I'm a conventional normal person otherwise...honest!

  7. Ewan, you said "I much prefer the clear tabbed pages where you can slot in the coloured card with your own headings written on them."

    What are you talking about? Can you link me to the page of the product? This sounds utterly like something I would use (and have been wanting to DIY but never got around to it).


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