04 December 2009

Free For All Friday No. 55

December is in full swing and the pace seems to get more and more rapid every day. I am currently swamped with various things, not least of which is getting ready for our trip to Scotland over Christmas and New Year's. I'll be bringing along my Scotland Filofax (personal size Domino, in Grape) containing my tabbed sections of regions and cities, maps, my growing list of contacts, and records of places we have stayed and other details. It becomes more useful with each trip.

Do you have any travel plans for the holidays? How is your Filofax helping you prepare for this busy time of year?

Happy planning!


  1. Where in Scotland are you coming too? I am in Edinburgh, and stock Filofaxs largest range in Scotland

  2. My Pocket Filo is very busy reminding me of the gifts I still need to buy on the list that's already in there as well as adding new items to the list..... Laurie, have a wonderful trip to Scotland. If I were going to Scotland, I would make a bee line right to Strong Scotch's Winchester Filo bookcase so I could gawk at all those beautiful original filos! I saw bidding on a Winchester ended recently on eBay. I wonder if it was any of us? No travel plans for me but I am getting my boyfriend ready to travel to UK next week with his family's presents. I am going to make a special Christmas request and have him order and deliver to UK address some Time Management inserts. I'll be getting my first A5 for Christmas and those inserts would be perfect for me!

  3. Thanks you guys! We're going to the Highlands but going through Eburgh. Shepcraig, where is your shop? I'd love to see the Filo selection!

  4. I'm planning on doing something of this nature for my mum for her birthday as she and my dad are off to Canada in May. My mum being the secretarial type tends to have a folder for everything so a filofax with everything she needs would be more than useful and still be useful once she retrns home.

    Only problem I have now is finding a map of Toronto for the file.

  5. Hi Nicola
    Take a look here:

    Or may be scale a few from Google Maps and print them on separate pages.


  6. Steve: Oooh I like that idea. Have to admit hadn't even crossed my mind