24 December 2009

Filofax UK - Christmas 30% Discount Sale

Filofax UK are offering a 30% off discount sale by following the link here Hurry because the offers are only while stocks last.

The sale starts at 5pm on Christmas Eve and runs through until the New Year.

So if Santa didn't bring you what you wanted from the Filofax store... take a look and treat yourself.

They have also dropped the Filofax beauty giftbox to £30 originally £40 

Happy Christmas everyone.



  1. my christmas present to myself...a zipped pink finsbury :D

    I like sales me!

  2. Discount for what? They anyway don't have anymore what I want:
    1. Black colour for men (no butterfly etc)
    2. Personal size
    4. No zip pocket
    5. Classical look

    I will stick with my old black personal bridle.


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