28 December 2009

3D Browsing!

Filofax.co.uk has a new viewing feature that lets you see the exact contents of the City Dweller, Family Organizer, and Travel Journal packs before buying.

For example, go to http://bit.ly/FilofaxCity to see the City Dweller. Click the image, and you'll see an animation of the pages turning in 3D. You can click through and see an example of all of the different leaves that come in the pack. The image is enlarged so you can really see every detail, and some of the pages have been filled in with handwriting so you can get some ideas for using them.

This feature is now part of Filofax.co.uk's online store. For the Personal size, for example, go to this page: http://www.filofax.co.uk/store/paperessentials.asp?tn=1&control=processrequest&SizeId=3. Click the link that says "Flick through the pages in 3D."

For 2010, I'm using the City Dweller as my personal organizer. I ordered it several months ago, when the preview wasn't available, so I had no idea what the pages would look like. I don't regret the purchase, but I'm glad that Filofax added this new feature so future customers can get a wonderful 3D preview of what they're buying!


  1. I also bought a city dweller package. I like it very much. The only bad thing about it is, you can‘t buy single pages (like fitness plan or shopping list). So i bought me some blank pages, recreated the pages i need on my computer and print them out as i need them.

  2. I recevied the Family Pack [caveat, for review] and while I loved the pages and ideas, the thought of not being able to get refils for notes and otehr pages make me feel a touch wary in using it. But they're great "starter" packs for those unconverted!

  3. I loved the 3D version because I loved seeing how you would fill it in. Made me feel all inspired.Thanks so much for posting this!

    I find that photocopying hard to find refills and cutting them to size works. As does recreating them on the computer I like the student timetable that sometimes comes in the domino but you can't buy them as a refill. I use A5 so I just photocopy them, cut them in half and punch holes.

  4. Beware, the 3D animation of the Family organiser has the personal sized diary insert only, even if you view the animation from the A5 organiser insert web page! The A5 has a vertical diary (dates across and family members horizontal), the opposite of what is in the animation.
    When I emailed filofax re the availability of Family pack refills, they replied the diary will be available in 2010. Don't know about other refills though.