13 January 2010

50% off Dodo Pad inserts for A5 Filofax

Dodo Pad is selling their new A5 Filofax inserts for 50% off! This is a new product this year, and they want to get these diary inserts into the hands of A5 Filofax users to try them out. This week + notes format with the weekly grid has plenty of room to keep track of your schedule and everyone else's, with a mostly-empty page opposite to jot lists, make notes, scribble numbers, or doodle while you're waiting on the phone. You can learn more and purchase them at the deeply discounted rate here.

As you all know, I love the Dodo's fun and quirky humor with new interesting facts each week. Last year when Dodo Pad announced the new A5 Filofax-compatible diary insert, I was so excited I immediately ordered one up! I have to say, it looks great in my purple A5 Finsbury. Now I can be "Filo on the outside and Dodo on the inside!"

Dodo products are very organizational while being witty and fun at the same time. Highly recommended!


  1. haha @ Filo on the outside, Dodo on the inside - that's you down to a "T" :D