08 January 2010

Free for All Friday No. 60

Subtitle: Better Late Than Never

One thing I wish I did more of is record weather conditions. It's really nice to look back and see when it snowed, or unexpectedly warm. Seeing what the weather was like helps bring back memories of the day.

If you live in North America or Europe, you can probably guess why I'm thinking about weather today. You're probably also wrapped up in a blanket or wearing an extra layer of clothing!

Do you track weather in your Filo? If so, how? I can imagine all of our creative readers doing beautiful things with colored pencils and pens.



  1. Thank you Nan... a perfect topic to let me up date our readers about 'Snow bound Steve'

    As some people might know, the weather is a bit of an obsession of the English... and I suppose I'm no exception.

    Yes I've been recording the details of the weather, although it's become a little boring in 2010... snow, snow... more snow.. It snowed over night. More snow in addition to what we have already.. you get the picture!!

    I worked Monday and Tuesday this week, my first days after the holiday.. but since then I've been snow bound at home for the last three days. This is because the site I work at is very vulnerable to bad weather as it is on the top of the North Kent Downs.

    I've had to ring in each morning to see if there is any change, but we have been told to not ring until Monday morning. Never mind I could get used to a 5 day weekend!

    But my time hasn't been wasted... I've been doing some work at home, but it's not been easy without access to the office network. I've also been reviewing my different Filofax organisers and how to best use them this year. A hint to a forthcoming post.....

    And finally... don't forget the exclusive promotion this weekend for discount at Filofax UK for Philofaxy readers. See my post earlier this week for details.

    Take care

  2. I record the weather every day. Not much...typically just a couple words and the hi/low temps.

    This is more a function of OCD than any real interest in the weather ; )

  3. Y,

    Are you getting snow today? It's snowed here in the mountains all day!

    Winter! :-)

  4. As a general rule, I do not keep track of the weather. But when a big system is approaching, I tend to get migraines, and so I track it in those instances, although it's more for tracking how I'm feeling and the reason(s) for feeling bad.

  5. Now, there's a thought. I had never thought recording the weather in my filofax. I record it as part of my cycling training, which is done electronically. I'll certainly start doing this!