19 January 2010

It's the perfect way to organise your life....

Searching around on the internet as one does... you occasionally come across a few 'gems' that you just can't resist sharing with others. Now you might do this via one of the social networks... Twitter or Facebook.. But when it comes to things Filofax I prefer to share them with you.....

I came across this brief but to the point blog post by The Debonair Gentleman on my Filofax is the perfect way to organise your life... and I don't think you will disagree with them either.. Worth reading the other posts in this blog too. A shame this refined gentleman has stopped adding posts to his blog.

Filofax has an interesting dictionary entry at 'Ask A Word' I also keep finding links to Philofaxy! Here is another on VisWiki

Did any of you ever use a 'Pregfax' back in the 1990's, what will they think of next!!

What about this article in 'Marxism Today' from December 1988 'Filofaxions', the link is to the pdf of the article.



  1. Some interesting links there Steve.
    I have hunted in the past for old product lists and catalogues etc., but material like that is quite poorly represented.

  2. I had some refills for tracking one's menstrual cycle in the early 2000s and am sad that they seem to have disappeared. I now note that kind of information on my vertical yearly calendar, but I'd buy it again if it was reintroduced because it seems more private to have it separately.

  3. Dasha, I remember those, they were great! If I remember correctly, they had the days as 28 day cycles rather than the actual months. That way you could see if your cycle was regular (if it happened every 28 days) or irregular (more or fewer days). Very useful tool, and yes it's too bad they no longer make it.