02 January 2010

Did the Blackberry kill off the Filofax? Not yet....

Thanks for the tip off from one of our readers.

An excellent article/interview in last weekends Sunday Times:

'Did the Blackberry kill off the Filofax? Not yet'

Some interesting snippets in the article about the sales and the balance between male and female buyers.

I loved this statement;
'Don Williams, chief executive of Pi Global, the branding consultancy, said: “The only difference between a designer handbag and a Filofax is straps. The joy of a Filofax lies in its ability to develop a strong emotional bond with its owner. It’s full of deeply personal ‘stuff’.'

I know several of you will agree with that!!

And I wonder what they are about to reveal later this month...



  1. I've used Filofaxes for nearly 17 years now & I've just got a Blackberry Pearl 8120-but I'm going to use it with my pocket Filo, and with a Moleskine lookalike as a capture device.
    Electronic and paper works in perfect harmony.

  2. I have a filo and a BlackBerry (greedy girl that I am) and have strong attachments to both of them. There are things in my filo I would never keep on my phone and vice versa, they work perfectly together.

    I have just come back to BlackBerry after 18 months with a iPhone and it was just like coming back to the Filofax after 5 years, something of a return to an old love.

    I love my BlackBerry (and the fact that it's Canadian has even more going for it to me) and I love my Filo

  3. Nicola, I'm Canadian, just retired my BB for the iPhone. Help me with why the BB being a Canadian device makes a difference. :-)

    Waiting for my new Filo to arrive!

  4. Perhaps the next post could be about how you combine a PDA phone with a Filo? Thanks.

  5. I use both a BB and my filo(s) but as the BB is 100% work it doesn't carry as much as my filo does. I would say I do 90% filo, 10% BB. Anyways, it's the first work day of the year for me with my beautiful new A5 Finchley - already jotting down a bunch of to-do's!!

  6. Adirondack Explorer: For a number of reasons. The BlackBerry, therefore Canadian innovation kicked off the boom in the Smartphone industry and helped change the way we look at the telephone as a product, secondly because the BlackBerry isn't basing it's reputation on a series of fad apps, it's as simple to use now as the day it first came into the market and yet still does much more and forth my first BlackBerry came thanks to my cousin who was on the developing team at RIM (yes half the family are Canadian)

  7. Thanks! We're famous for a lot of innovation in the world!