19 January 2010

Filofax holidays

Are you wondering which countries around the world are celebrating today as a holiday? Do you want to know all the national holidays all year of any and every country in the world?

Then you're in luck--Filofax has it covered.

On either Filofax USA or Filofax UK, just log into your account (or create an account, which is free), and on your account page look at the left sidebar. Choose National Holidays Worldwide. It shows which countries in the world have today and tomorrow as holidays, and a pull-down menu to see all the national holidays of every country for the entire year!

I think this is a really cool feature, and a great service by Filofax.

This is a great way for travelers to check the holiday schedule for their countries of destination. The last thing you want to do is spend all your time and money getting somewhere, only to discover you've landed right in the middle of their festival season and everything's closed!

It's also a great feature for kids in school who are learning about different countries and their holidays.

Or, for those of us who are just interested, it's fun to see which countries celebrate what holidays.

Thank you Filofax!


  1. Thank you for reminding me where that is on the site. I knew I had seen it somewhere, but couldn't remember where.

    I've now added the French holidays to my year planner, in addition to the UK ones.

    When I lived in Cyprus I asked if such a calendar existed for all the public holidays they seem to take there... Greek and Turkish!

  2. Sadly they haven't up dated it since 2010.... it still shows the 2010 dates! I've sent them an enquiry to request that they update it... knowing our luck they will just delete it instead!

    Prove me wrong someone!!



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