06 January 2010

An Alternative Beauty Box Review

Our blogger Steve reviewed Filofax's new Beauty Gift Box back in September when it was first released.

I just found another review, on a UK news-and-commentary website called The Daily Dust. I was expecting the article to be a spoof, because the Daily Dust does have some funny articles, but it's actually a straightforward review, just less thorough than Steve's.

The reviewer, Ewan, does raise an interesting point: If Filofax intends to market more boxed sets and lifestyle packs targeted at specific audiences, where's the one for the men?

Guys, what special features (and I'm not talking about perfume pens) would you like to see in your ideal Filofax?



  1. Unrelated to this post, but was wondering if anyone has recommendations on a filofax selection for a man? What about the Finchley? Would this in the chocolate colouring appropriate? Or is this design more feminine? Thoughts?

  2. Hi Larry --

    I used a chocolate Finchley in 2009. It's a classic style and color that's perfect for a man or woman with sophisticated tastes. There's nothing "girly" about it. I think I liked it because I'm not the typical girly girl.

    Then again, I only used it for one year, then went right back to a cherry-red Finsbury filled with the City Dweller pack! So I conclude that the Finchley is more manly. It left even me craving something more lighthearted and girly!

  3. How about the Guildford? It's made of smooth black leather, really nice to touch - and I think it looks rather "business-like" and classic.

  4. The Scanda Black Personal is what I have given myself for a birthday present.

  5. The Ewan on The Daily Dust... that would be me, and I pop in here regularly as well.

    First up, The Daily Dust we conceived as a UK tabloid like newspaper, but one that only reports on Good News (no war, famin, eath destruction, or being run over by a cow), which might be where the spoof thought came in. Nope, we just like life and want to smile!

    Because of the remit, the review does need to be a bit less thorough to make sure the main points get to the audience, but I'm personally glad that Filofax Uk are being as proactive as they can in opening up new areas of business - the reviews and links the beauty Pack has got since launch is impressive. Not bad for a repackaged Domino and a cross promotion with the make-up and styllist branchs (who must suely have some up-sell options to make a profit!)


    For a long time I used a Personal Kensington. The Finsbury is probably the closest and is a good workmanlike choice, but I'd look at the Ffolder I'm on now... the Personal Kendall which is oiled leather - a lovely smell to it (but not suitable for all) and a classic look but not one that screams "Office!!!"

  6. Hi Ewan...I didn't realize you were the same Ewan. LOL!

    Thank you for providing one of the few places to read good news. Definitely something the world needs more of.

    For example, I really like the Garden Igloo story: http://www.thedailydust.co.uk/2010/01/08/man-spends-night-in-garden-igloo/

  7. In response to Larry's question about an appropriate filofax for a man, I bought the chocolate Finchley for my brother and he loves it. He likes the fine quality of the leather and the fact that it opens flat on his desk. Go for it - I'd be happy to see guys using Filofax!

  8. The Kendal in brown seems a very macho sort of Filofax - I have one and always think it has this Indiana Jones air about it! Seriously, it's very good at handling stains and scratches, they just sort of vanish, and it has a nice heft without being too rigid.