26 January 2010

Filofax litany

I was thinking about all the Filofax planner/ diary inserts I have tried and/ or used over the years. It's quite a list.

Personal size:

Month on two pages

Fold-out year overview with months as columns

Week on 2 pages

Week on 2 pages Cotton Cream

Week + Notes

Family Organizer (available from Filofax UK), with boxes for each family member each day

Day per page

A5 size:

Month on two pages

Fold-out year overview

Week on 2 pages Horizontal

Week on 2 pages Vertical (days as columns)

Week + Notes

Family Organizer (week view with days as columns)

Dodo Pad diary insert

Having it all written out like that makes it look like sheer insanity!

What formats have you tried in the past, and what are you currently using?


  1. I use the business day per page in my A5 organiser, it is great with plenty of space for appointments, to do's, phone calls, tasks to deligate and even space for personal reminders. I have tried other designs, but this is by far the best for staying organised.

  2. I really need some help.
    I started the year with a Kendal personal, thought it was too small so I ordered the kendal A5. Both are so good looking and the leather smell is out of this world.
    I have carried both for the whole month of January entering information in both so that when I make a decision, I won't lose anything. We are now at the end of the month and I still haven't made that critical decision. I have a ton of info to enter everyday which makes the A5 better. But the personal so sooo much easier to carry in my breifcase. I was a FC classic user for years and have a brand new one in my desk which I have even thought about going back to. I have a ton of dollars tied up in the Filofax(s) and really like the binder in comparison to the FC. So I guess my question to those that use the personal or A5 for work, why?
    Why use a small personal that you have to take the pages out to write on? Why use the A5 and have to lug it around? Please help, I'm driving myself crazy!!

  3. Hi Gregorym,
    lol. I'm the same! I was an A5 for everything for years until I discovered this blog.

    Then I tried Personal for work, a5 for personal; then Personal for work, Pocket for personal, now I'm trying out Personal for work, Personal Slim for personal.

    I have a feeling I'll be going back to A5 for work. lol

  4. I've just made a shocking discovery. Apparently, the A5 Week Per Page diary is no longer available from Filofax in the US. I hadn't obtained my 2010 refill yet, and when I went to the web site today, I found it is no longer listed. Fortunately, Filofax UK still has it! However, Filofax UK seems to have discontinued the Finchley Tote Bag I've been pining over for years, while Filofax US still lists that product. I guess I'd better get one quick!

  5. Oh, and I forgot to mention...I'm sill using the A5 Month On Two Pages and A5 Week Per Page together in my main Filofax, my black A5 Bridle.

    I may at some point try and get my black Pocket Buckingham back from my ex-wife and start using that again, for which I would go with the Month/2pgs and Week/pg, as well.

  6. And..at some point I have to return to my project of producing custom organizer pages, which I think I mentioned here well over a year ago. It's been awhile since I've frequented Philofaxy.

  7. gregorym, I understand your anguish. I really do!!

    I know there are several Philofaxers who, either currently or in the past, use their A5 for everything, work and personal. If you are going to use only one book, I think the A5 is the best size for work (or a busy life in general), due to the amount of information you can write on each page.

    But, you are right, it's a big book to carry around.

    My suggestion is: if you only ever take it to work and back in your briefcase, go for the A5. A few minutes each day carrying it in your bag will pay off for the amount of space and organization you get.

    But if you will carry it everywhere with you: to the grocery store, out for errands, while traveling; then you will want to go for the Personal.

    Many people use both an A5 and Personal size by using A5 for work, with their work contacts, business cards, projects, work to-dos etc in the A5, and a Personal for personal/ home use with their own contacts, appointments etc. This makes sense for people who have a fairly clear delineation of work/ home lives. As long as you remember to synch the odd daytime appointment in both (like that follow-up dentist appointment you wrote into your Personal, to make sure it gets into your A5 too) then you'll be fine. (Plus you get the added benefit of using both of your Kendals!)

    I hope this helps some!

  8. That's good advice Laurie. Thanks.

  9. I agree that you can use more than one Filofax. I use a personal size Amazona as my primary Filofax and a mini Topaz as a mobile device whenever I can't or don't feel like carrying my primary organiser.

    I found that in my case, I don't need a calendar on my mini so I only keep a calendar on my personal size Filofax.