01 January 2010

Free For All No 59 - Happy New Year 2010

I would like to wish you all the best for 2010, may all your problems be small ones and we hope your Filofax helps you solve all your problems.

There's no excuse at all now for not putting in your new diary refill and starting your New Year off with a nice new blank diary.

So do any of you set your self New Year's resolutions?


  1. If you are thinking that I have huge dedication by waiting until one minute past mid-night to post this on New Years Eve, glass of champagne in one hand, netbook in the other .... it's all smoke and mirrors!!

    I wrote it a couple of weeks ago and scheduled it to be released at 12:01AM.

    So now you know! I hope your celebrations all went to plan last night and there's not too many hang overs around.

  2. I don't know about the hangover yet. In a few hours I'll let you know!

  3. Not hungover. Possibly still drunk.

    I got my (first) filofax a couple of days ago as an early birthday present and in a way I can't wait to start back at uni so I can use it!

  4. This morning will be devoted to cleaning out my Filo and getting it 2010 ready. I already have the 2010 monthly calendar and the daily pages for first quarter as I usually start adding appointments for the new year in late November.

    I have my 2010 goals set, it's just a matter of writing down the steps and deadlines. I keep a copy in my Finchley so I can refer to them regularly. This year I am also going to set monthly goals and I'll keep those in the Franklin-Covey Compass bookmark I use to keep my place in my Filo.

    I was soundly asleep (sober :->) when 2010 arrived in California. These days, sleep trumps all!

  5. Help!!!
    I'm already driving myself crazy.
    Is the personal too small?
    Should I stay with the A5?
    Tell me what you are using, please!!

  6. Hungover or not, the first thing I did this morning was gleefully remove 2009 and get my 2010 diary & inserts out. My morning is dedicated to my planner (though it will no doubt be a slow process due to this headache...) and I can't think of a better way to start the year!

    Thanks for a great year of posts you guys...all three of you rock! Can't wait to see what 2010 brings to Philofaxy!!

  7. Thank you.... and this tip comes free... totally unrelated to Filofax or Planners...

    How to avoid a headache... have some aspirin and a large glass of water before you go to sleep after an evening/afternoon of drinking.

    Keep a large glass of water on the bedside table, if you wake in the night have another drink.

    Trust me it works... the headache is mainly due to dehydration..

    So make a note in your Filofax about Steve's tip for your next party.... there back on topic!!!!

  8. Happy New Years to all my Philofaxy friends! My next stop on the internet is to register my new A5 Finchley Mustard Filo. I've also taken up on Laurie's recco to label indexes with post its, and I put both my filo fashion pen a nice zebra mechanical pencil in place. Last night I moved out all the 2009 and ready to start the new year filo fresh! Like YM says, the 3 of you, Nan, Steve and Laurie rock! Thanks guys for such a great blog!

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  10. my filo will just be helping to keep me more orginised and know what I'm doing this year. I have a shocking memory so the To Do list will hopefully help me keep on top of things.

    I just have to remember to look at it!