13 January 2010

Filofax Compatible Page Inserts?

It is quite interesting to see the 'Dodo' calendar inserts that Laurie wrote about. It got me wondering about other Filofax compatible inserts.

You will know I 'grow' a lot of my own pages for my A5 Filofax, but the other sizes aren't so easy to do without either special paper or a lot of messing around!

Myself and a few other people remember the days of the huge variety of Filofax inserts from a by gone era, Nan found quite a few for sale as 'end of line' bargains. I've recreated some of these for A5 sizes and they are available on DiY Planner. The list is here. But I'm sure a lot of us would love personal size pages already printed. 

So have you come across any other makes of Filofax compatible refills or inserts? May be ones that aren't duplicate of ones supplied by Filofax themselves even?

Please post your discoveries or thoughts in the comments.



  1. I have come across Kikki K pages that fit my personal size Filofax. These pages are different from Filofax pages in that the ones I brought came with three different designs, each of 25 pages, in one pack, for less money than a Filofax notes pack with around 25 pages. I have pages titled 'websites' 'shops & restarurants' 'shopping list'. I also look around in larger stores that have stationery sections for more generic planners as they often have pages tht fit and they save me cutting my own pages.

  2. I also found some really nice inserts on daytimer.co.uk that fit into the personal size of filofax, the other sizes may also be compatible I just didn't check because I only have a personal ha! But they have "collections" like flavia and serenity that look really nice and have illustrations that are lovely!

  3. many A5 forms have disappeared, I do like time/system's to pick up the slack, but last time i ordered all i saw was a ups shipping option which perplexed me when a flatrate envelope would entice me to order more often. must email them and ask...

  4. Paper case have started doing ome personal size ones in store


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