29 January 2010

Free for All Friday No. 63

Resolution review! About a month ago, we were talking about our 2010 Filofax configurations.

How's yours working for you?

I'm using a new format this year, the City Dweller, which has a week on the left page, notes on the right. It took a little adjusting, but I've grown to love it.


  1. I didn't know what the "City Dweller" was, so I searched for it, and found it on the UK site. After looking through their little prezzo, I'm quite offended. I've never seen such a pile of sexist rubbish in my life. "Marriage Material"? Outfit Planner? Utter Nonsense, and an ill fit for my beloved Filofax.

  2. The checklists I built to keep on track have been very helpful. I'm doing very good on one goal, OK on two others and have blown one already. :-)

  3. I have some questions but it's off topic. So I'm posting this as a suggested topic for the next Free for All post:

    - Does anyone have a personal size Alligator Filofax?
    - Is it really THE perfect Filofax?
    - What's the most expensive Filofax you have? Is it worth it? If not, what would have made it better?


  4. I've struggled.
    As I posted I started with a FC classic, moved to an A5 Filo, then decided I was tired of carrying the big unit and ordered a personal.
    Then thought the personal was too small as I posted on this blog.
    But as of today and thanks to some great suggestions, I am still with the personal and dam determined to stay there. (I hope)
    I'd still like to see more coments on what others are going through on this subject.
    I need backing if you know what I mean.

  5. @gregorym - I think the personal size is the most versatile and also the best long-term proposition.
    It allows you to scale from one slim wallet with a few leaves that can fit in a jacket pocket, up to a whole stack of 20 years worth of diaries in multiple volumes.
    Many things in life change, but sticking to that one format gives you a reassuring measure of consistency, along with the best chance that it will remain suitable for your needs as they change over time.
    You also get the biggest range of products to choose from, including vintage ones if those appeal.

  6. I got a copy of the Travel Journal this month (in personal size naturally). It was reduced by nearly 2/3 from full price, but would be quite good value regardless. I liked that it didn't have a dated diary, and I just selected leaves from the set to put into the slimline filo that I take with me on trips away. There are at least two copies of most things in the pack, so it should last me quite well.

  7. I thought I'm done with tweaking my Filo. But I found myself tweaking the formats again yesterday. Sigh. Will this ever end?

    This blog is evil! lol

  8. Dilaila,
    I agree, I now have my personal Filo, A5, AND my FC classic on my desk. Writing in each of them, moving the inserts around.
    I think my future holds (when I retire), me sitting in the corner of a room with all the planners around me, talking to myself. LOL

  9. I'm with Gemma on the thoughts about the targetting of the City Dweller pack - it is rather "hipster" in nature.

    But my biggest problem with these packs is much more immediate.

    The style fo the paper, and the boxes and colours. One, it doesn't match any of the other Filofax refils and pages and two there;s no refils of say just notes, or just the shopping lists.

    My Filofax might have lots of diffierent colours of paper, but it's the same paper and style. You really want me to mix and match two different methodologies of doing lines and seperations on paper?

    Er... never going to happen!

  10. I have always used the week on the left, notes on the right diaries at work and I love them too, it makes so much sense for me. I don't have a ton of appointments and meetings to keep track off, so I don't need much space in the diary, just to note the meetings I have and anything that has to be done that day. On the right is my (long, and seemingly ever growing) to-do list for the week.

    I can also write things in ahead of time on my to-do list, so for instance if I need to follow something up in a few weeks, I just flick forward to the relevant week and write it at the top of the to-do list. Perfect (for me at least)

  11. gregorym: lol. I'm just the same since I found this blog. Now I just can't leave things alone!

    I am now looking into combining filo and wallet. Can you wise people give me some advice on this?

    1. What's the best size to use as wallet? I'm thinking either pocket or personal slim. Then again, I see some of you also use a Personal as a wallet.

    2. What is the softest leather (or non leather Filo?) Sienna? Cuban?

    3. Is it only the pocket Filo that comes with full width wallet?


  12. Dilaila: I've seen one person who used her Pocket Filofax as a wallet. She had pages in it with her addresses/ contacts and some notes, but she didn't keep her diary/ planner in it because the pages were too tiny for planning. So, she used a separate planner.

    I don't use my Filo as a wallet because I keep so many random pieces of paper and bits of other things stuffed in it. I can just imagine myself getting ready to pay for something and all the bits and papers fly out all over the place! In all seriousness, I think having rings and pages in my wallet would be too fumbly for me but YMMV.

  13. Thanks Laurie :) I'm going to try my butterfly pocket filo as a 2-in-1 and see how I like it.


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