15 January 2010

Free For All Friday No. 61

2010 will be a very busy year for me and my family with major changes coming up. This summer we will move internationally (again, and our destination is still unknown). We'll spend 6 weeks or so traveling around the US visiting friends and family before we head off to our next destination. This fall my oldest child will start school (for real this time. She won't be able to drop out after a week like she did with preschool, it's real school now!). This fall will be spent settling into our new place, meeting new people, and getting to know our new surroundings. It will be a busy year with lots of transitions, and as you can imagine I am planning and preparing as much as possible already.

What does 2010 have in store for you? Do you have plans for changes or events coming up this year? How are you using your Filofax(es) to plan and organize the upcoming year?


  1. Late in 2009 I made a personal commitment of becoming a certified PMP (project managment professional) by taking the PMP exam - my personal goal is to take the exam Spring of 2010. In my personal pocket panama under notes, I have a list titled PMP and have jotted all the major dates in my endevor - dates & chapters read of the Project Management Book of Knowledge, dates I joined the PMI and my info on my local chapter, etc.
    In my brand new A5 Musterd Finchley I have my PMI card and my membership certificate showing thru the see thru envelope, and a special section for note taking, etc. So I have both Filos working hard for me on this personal and professional journey in 2010!

  2. I designed weekly and monthly checklists to make sure I'm keeping on track with my goals for the year. I was thinking yesterday that I have to keep these checklists close by me, so my Finchley and I will be "joined at the hip" this year! :-)

  3. Started the year with a personal Kendal, have just recieved my new
    A5 Kendal. Plans include making the solid commitment to use my Filo for all information. I promised myself that I would carry it everywhere.
    My job requires a ton of information collecting everyday.
    Let's see how this fills up!!

  4. I bought a new personal classic Filofax to start the New Year. On the very first day - the first hour - the clasp broke and I had to send it back. So I've been 13 days without a planner. Heard today it will be replaced and sent out on Monday. Yeah!

  5. I just started my own business so I need to be really organised! Bought a new Personal for that. Still experimenting since I was an A5 user before this.

    Personal stuff stays in A5. New section is a monthly calendar to record workouts and graph paper for charts etc.

  6. For now, my trusted Finsbury is helping me not only to do my chores, but also pushing me to meet with friends more.
    But I am hoping that if my luck finally changes for the better, I will use it to organise my leaving the country!

  7. I am just hoping my filo will include the words 'Job Interview' or 'new job start' in it at some point.

  8. Nicola, my husband and I are in this position right now too. Good luck to all of us finding great jobs that we enjoy and that pay a living salary!

  9. I am hoping my Filo to include 'potential client' and 'job brief' and 'invoice paid'. Such a tough time to start a new business venture.

    Good luck with job search!

    OTOH, yesterday I bought two slimline organisers (local brand) just to try and see if I like it since Personal is a bit too heavy to lug around and Pocket is not much use for the kind of details I like to record.

    Has anyone noticed that Filo is heavier than other makes? Must be the leather thing.

  10. I'm looking forward to seeing the following in my Filofax this year (any of them!!)

    'Exchange of contracts on house'

    'Last day at work'

    'Move to France day'

    'Start retirement'

    You get the picture!

  11. The New Year excitement for me has been getting the offer of a new job. It came out of the blue really, and seems like a great opportunity. So I need to decide whether to go for it, or stick with my current job, which is not so bad, and offers a good work/life balance. Tricky one.
    I got some nice Filofax items over Christmas too, so I'm a lucky fellow.

  12. ps. Good luck to the job hunters and those in new ventures. I hope things turn out really well for you.