22 January 2010

Free For All Friday No. 62

I'm forever coming across sites and articles on sites that mention the word Filofax, but only as a comparison to something else. For instance 'The iPhone is to smartphones what the Filofax was to diaries'

These keep popping up in my Google Alerts and it's so annoying!!! I think I've discovered some great articles on other sites only to be disappointed!

What would you compare your Filofax to??  Oh and tell us about anything else Filofax related.....


  1. What's this "what the Filofax WAS to diaries" business?? The Filofax is alive and well, as we all know. Although, I am not a tech person so I'm guessing people who are fully submerged in the technological realm can't imagine why anyone would use a paper diary/ planner anymore! I personally would never trust an electronic device with the things I use a diary/ planner for. Also, I'm so tactile, I like to hold the book and turn the pages. Just can't replicate that with a plastic and metal device.

  2. The Filofax allows me to make use of my own custom decision-making/information-capture and retrieval system in an inexpensive, organised and reliable package.

    I need not worry about unscheduled downtime, power failure, corrupt backup or lost data during a failed data migration.

    I can switch between Getting Things Done, Getting Stuff Done, First Things First/7Habits, simplified task list, Mind mapping or any other system anytime and without fear of incompatible file types.

    Software is not a substitute for thinking.

  3. I've been following this blog since Christmas, when I received my first Filofax - and almost immediately became obsessed! This is my first post.

    Technically, my Filofax isn't a Filofax - it's an Anya Hindmarch (my favourite designer) Agenda, silver patent leather, into which Filofax personal inserts fit. I'm at university so am trying all sorts of different configurations in it to see what works best for me. However, even though I know my Anya will last forever and is absolutely timeless, I've not been able to resist buying a personal Fresco in the online Filofax UK sale... I can't wait for it to arrive!

  4. For me, Filofax doesn't compare to anything. It's the cream of the crop as far as I'm concerned! =)

  5. My Filofax compares to air - can't breathe without it!

  6. I agree - Filofax rules!!! I'm loving my 2 month old panama pocket, and my mustard finchley from Christmas is absoltely beautiful.... Any other brand or electronic device doesn't compare. If any of you (Nan?!!!) have photos of their A5 Finchley - please post!

  7. I love not having to "boot up" my Filo-- I just flip to a page and there is what I need. I can chart knitting patterns and sketch in mine and keep paperclips, bus change, safety pins in the pockets-- can't do that with a phone or PDA, no matter how Smart they are.

  8. I'm with Laurie on this one.. See my latest post this morning... yet another comment about Filofax not being the 'latest kid on the block'

    So do we continue our decision to keep using a Filofax (or any other planner for that matter) instead of a smartphone...

    Or do we just keep quiet about it and just get on with it knowing full well that we fully know the advantages we have over electronic (partial) equivalents (pretenders)


  9. I personally love electronic gadgets, especially mobile phones made in Finland!
    I use mine to connect to Facebook (addicted, I know), flickr, messenger, youtube, etc. It is also my MP3 player, radio, camera, currency converter, calculator and alarm clock. Oh, and I sometimes use it to call people and such.
    But, even though it is all of these and could also be my calendar, it doesn't even come near to my adored Pocket Finsbury!
    My Finsbury barely leaves my side, it sleeps open on my bedside table, it keeps me organised and in touch with people. It is also my Idea Catcher, my Random Notebook, address book. It is the keeper of bits of paper, sometimes even money. And its smooth, stylish purple leather can't be beat! It even smells nice because I let it wear perfume :)

    Hopefully, my (starting to malfunction) mobile will soon be replaced by a newer model.
    But not my Filo. The Finsbury's performance is still flawless, and will continue to be so for many more years to come.

  10. It only took a few hours after the announcement... iPad <> Filofax!!!


    I have to say though it is very nice... oh no what am I saying!!!!!


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