03 April 2010

Poll Results - How old are you?

I asked two questions a couple of weeks ago to work out what our demographics are of our readership.

I don't think you will be surprised with the results shown below. It is however encouraging to see we have some younger readers too.

Click on the images to see them full size

Thank you all for your votes, the best turn out yet for a poll we have held on the site. 


  1. Younger readers... from my side of the bell curve, you're ALL younger readers.

  2. Yes, exactly, these results do not surprise me.
    I could imagine that more women read blogs because I sometimes have the feeling that communication about "many themes" is popular among women ;)
    And the age also not really surprise me. I belong to the "younger group" (21), but I think only a few of my age like "paper organizers". I think in this generation outweighs most the technical part.

  3. Reflecting on the result of this poll, I think the percentage of female readers has increased in the last few months, more so than male readers.

    I think we might re-run this poll towards the end of the year, it will be interesting to see if my hunch is right or not!


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