23 April 2010

If you like it... buy it..

During our epic Sunday meet up, both Laurie and I agreed that whilst Filofax of old was about buying your organiser and then every year just buying a new diary refill and may be some additional pages, it is very different these days.

As you have frequently commented on, a Filofax can be considered to be a 'fashion accessory'. A different organiser for each season, or to match your different handbags.

They want you to buy more than one of their organisers, even if you have that size already. It is repeat sales. They feed this habit by bringing out new organisers in different styles and in different colours.

However, there are only certain models that seem to stay in the catalogue for many years none stop and we often see requests for a particular model/colour that has disappeared from the catalogue...

So the motto is if you like it... and you really need another Filofax... buy it whilst it is available...

I'm going to tempt you to go and look to see what is new over at Filofax UK....


  1. I can confirm the "if you like it, buy it" and I will add, "and quickly!" I'm still working on my huge writeup about my chat with Brigitte but she said many of the Filofax styles and colors are for one year only and then they are gone. Finsbury, Domino, Mode, etc all those colorful binders change with the fashions so if you see a color you really want, you better hurry and get it. These products truly are limited edition. Especially the lower-priced binders are intended to be purchased every year at the whim of the buyer. Even top-price binders like Deco and Amazona have limited-edition colors (for example, Ivory and Almond respectively are no longer made this year).

    I will have more to say on this soon when I get my hugely long post up!

  2. I've been lusting after the Songbird Organizer for awhile. This post has just tipped me over onto the "buy it more" side. Buying it now!

  3. Lusting over the Songbird myself. And the new bronze Domino.

    Well, and the soon to come Malden is already haunting my dreams...