11 April 2010

Misplaced pages

A huge advantage that Filofax binders have over bound books is the ability to add, remove and move around pages. But sometimes this advantage becomes a detriment, for me at least.

While preparing for my trip to London, I've been moving my Filofax pages around a lot: adding in my London maps and info, removing things I only need at home. And, I've been looking for information pages that I only need a couple of times per year.

But where the heck did I put them? They aren't in my Deco. They're not in my Buckingham, which is where I usually put important but not currently in use pages. Did I archive them in last year's storage binder by mistake? I know I didn't throw them away, because I never do that. (Or did I??)

Even within my Deco I'm not sure where some things are. Did I put that list under Actions? Or Reference? Maybe it's still in my Notes section and I forgot to file it under its proper category. Maybe I need to streamline my tab system!

Do you ever misplace pages?


  1. I have a whole A-Z tabbed section for my Personal Filo that I have misplaced. It's very annoying!!

  2. Laurie, see Bernhard's latest Guest Post--his innovative use of the alpha tabs to "file" sheets sounds like the answer to your problems!

    "I've already tried it, and it works"--Ashley-Pitt, RN "The Great Escape"