08 April 2010

Filofax shopping in London

In answer to Dasha's comment about shopping for Filofax organisers in London soon, here are some of the main stockists in Central London:

City Organiser
40 Bow Lane
T: 0207 248 8326
F: 0207 248 1641
E: sales@cityorg.co.uk http://www.cityorg-pdq.co.uk/

Filofax Centre
21 Conduit Street
T: 0207 499 0457

Filofax Store
68 Neal Street
Covent Garden
T: 0207 836 1977

But for a full list of stockists including their address and telephone numbers incase you are looking for something very specific, go to the Filofax link here: http://www.filofax.co.uk/stockists/

Happy shopping..



  1. Thanks for this Steve!! I plan to visit one or more of these in about a week from now! :D

  2. Hi everyone.
    On a seperate note, I am back on the Filo wagon and using my Guildford zip. I just can't give up on the personal size and the Filo name. OK, you got me, I'm still hooked!
    Thanks for being my friend and allowing me to discuss this crazy stuff with someone.

  3. i get my student loan next friday, so my first weekend of term back at university will be spent travelling to london...

  4. Thanks for the listings! Unfortunately my trip has been temporarily postponed... maybe its a good thing though, gives me more time to save up some $$$ :)

  5. Laurie:
    I strongly recommend you go to the store on Neal Street. The staff is helpful and nice, and it's very close to Covent Garden.
    Neither this nor the one on Conduit are very large, but they have every new model that has come out and all the inserts you could need.
    Let me know when you'll be around London, we might bump into eachother :D

  6. I would love to be able to Filofax shop in London! All my filofaxes have been purchased over the internet...I did go on the UK Filofax website last night as it usually offers different options than the US website....I ordered the Personal Yellow Hearts filofax....I can't wait to get it! My goal for this year was to stick to one calendar system for at least 6 months before switching....I should of known better than to make such a crazy statement! So far since January I have used a pocket raspberry finsbury, daytimer month at a glance calendar and currently, I am using a franklin planner buttoned up planner....I know it is a sickness..... I am sure this new filofax I ordered will be "the one" (yeah, right) :)

  7. Hello, are the London Filofax shops still open? When I go on Google Maps, it's says both shops are closed for good. I'm new to Filofax and was full of joy thinking of a trip there. Thanks.

    1. Unfortunately both of the Filofax shops shut awhile ago.

  8. What a shame the stores closed. I live in Canada, but years ago I visited London, and went to both the Conduit Street and Covent Garden locations. My Filofax has truly helped me manage my lfe better, and I enjoyed seeing the centre of the Filofax universe, as well as stocking up on supplies.


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