21 April 2010

Philofaxy - Online Roundtable Discussion

One of the ideas to come out of my meet up with Laurie last weekend was to try out using Skype to have discussions amongst the three contributors (Nan, Laurie and myself).

Well as an extension of that idea, why not have something similar for our loyal readers? So as an experiment, I will be on-line this coming Sunday 25th April, between 11:00 - 13:00 UK local time (10:00-12:00 GMT) and 16:00-18:00 local time that afternoon. Hopefully these timings will give you all a chance to call in, if you are able to, where ever you might be in the world.

I've registered the Skype name of philofaxy naturally for the purpose of this round-table. So search for that user name and hopefully we can get connected. Send a request to be added to the contact list before Sunday if you wish it might save me some time in mid conversation...

I have video available too, but that only works when you are in just a two way conference call, but it will be fun if there's more than two of us on audio only at any one time.

I haven't thought of any topics for discussion yet, let's see if the technology works first!!! But I will try to take notes of things we discuss and then post these on the blog later that day or on Monday. So if you ask any questions and we can't answer them instantly then there will be an opportunity to get some response back later.

I will be interested in your comments on this idea and any feedback you have will also be very valuable. If it is a success which I hope it will be, I'm not sure at this stage how often we will repeat the round-table, again your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you... in the true sense of the words!



  1. Sounds great! If I'm doing the math right...that would be 10 - 12 Eastern US (New York) time (something like that)? I hope I remember...

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  3. Check out your local time compared to UK Time (British Summer Time at the moment) here:


  4. Roberto - Yeah, I realized after I wrote that that it was a dumb thing to say. =) Though I didn't have my Filo right next to me when I read the post.

    I don't have Skype at the moment and have never used it, so I need to look into that beforehand.

  5. Steve, great idea. I´ll try to connect.

  6. This is so exciting Steve, thank you for setting this up!! I will plan to join in too! :D


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