30 April 2010

Filofax Print to File Software

I was re-reading my post about the Filofax address book software today and decided to download the full version, as I'm no longer using Outlook 2007.  So I needed to move my old address file in to something independent of Outlook 2007 and in to something that I could create new address pages for my A5, something I do about once every 12 months I guess. I've just cranked up my old PC to get at Outlook to export the list, which I will do once it's stopped doing updates of so many types... how I miss them!

I've loaded the software on to my Samsung Netbook as that runs XP, where as my desktop (iMac) is Apple only and the software is Windows only.

I happened to be looking on the Filofax US site and I spotted some other software they do as well as the address book software.

It's called Filofax Print to File software, I don't know why this isn't available on the UK site.

Reading through the description on the site it seems to act as a printer driver so any thing you print can be reformatted and resized to suit the Filofax Computer paper, or normal A4/A5 as well I guess.

The only reason I can think of that it's not available in UK is it might not be able to cope with European sizes in the document, but that's just a guess.

I will speak to our friends at Filofax UK to see if they can enlighten me as to why it's only available in the US.



  1. Steve,
    I have the US version of "print to file" Filo software.
    It's fantastic! I can print word, spreadsheets, everything for my A5 or personal.
    It asks when your ready to print if you want "US" or "UK" version so I'm surprised you don't have this available.
    It loads just like a printer software so when you're ready to print it comes up in "windows" with an option to us "Filo" printer or your regular printer.
    Pick Filo and you're printing for your Filo! I use the Filo prepunch paper and it works great.
    Just some infomation for you.

  2. Are you required to use the special filofax paper to print personal size pages, or can you print on regular letter size paper?

  3. You can use regualr size paper. The Filo paper just makes it easier because it's perforated and already hole punched.
    And I think it's a little better paper quality.

  4. Currently I'm using software called Clickbook from www.bluesquirrel.com. It also sets itself up as a printer driver and you can setup your own sizes etc. I may try the filofax software anyway, as it might be easier.

  5. Hello,
    I also purchased the US version, but I have the problem that my program thinks that it is the trial version, what means that I have footers and headers in the printed document which tell me that it is not the full version, although I entered the so called V.I.P - code, the hell knows what is the problem.

  6. I know this is a bit old, but can someone tell me in more detail how the Filofax software works? If I'm using Outlook, for example, just to generate an agenda 'template' to be printed (so I can avoid having to write in recurring events every week - I hate it as scheduling software) will the Filofax software take the Outlook information and re-order the pages so that I can get proper sequencing? (I.e. so page 1 is on the front, page 2 is on the back of page 1, and so on.)

    1. It needs a blank leading page to get it in to the right order

  7. hi do someone know about any program like filofax (that i love!! but is not compatible with mac's ) my boss change computers and i have to look for a new program to make the printable agendas please please help me !!!

    1. Our own inserts are all available in Word or PDF and they will print fine from a Mac... they were created on a Mac ;)