23 April 2010

Free For All Friday No 75

As you might have guessed it's been a crazy week for us here at Philofaxy, so let's hear from you for a change... anything about Filofax of course...

And if you are free on Sunday do pop up on Skype to say hello...



  1. Invictim

    deskfax lover- this B5 paper enigma
    DIY paper cutter misery (for years) gave up, give in betrayal with my Covey trist
    then bolt of light!
    kinokuniya bookstore! heaven! B5!
    26 holes flawless paper!
    and I only need 9 to fit dear god!
    3 do not, despite my commitment ($100 of green pieces of paper for those precious pierced white ones)- I punch again in my misery.

    If it's the longing- then I am blessed, but I'm a user, abused until I find this best.

    I will find this 'blue house' someday. Damn you Filofax.

  2. I love it!!!!!!

    I forget who asked recently about where to find the no-longer-produced Eden binder, but I wanted to tell you that I asked Brigitte at Filofax in London and she said they have just a few there in their store. So if you are still looking for one, you can call them at 44 (0) 207 499 0457.

  3. I dreamt I met someone with a red Filofax Ranger! lol

  4. This week my new Personal Heart Filofax should arrive. There is nothing like going to the post office and seeing that your Filofax package has arrived! Of course, once you arrive home, there is the ceremonial
    "unveiling" of the new Filofax.


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