30 April 2010

Free For All Friday No 76

6There's a lot happening here at Philofaxy these days! Now let's hear from you.

What's new in your Filofax world? Do you have any questions or issues? Suggestions or comments? Let's hear it!


  1. I'm finally over the FC issues. In fact I just ordered a black personal Finchley and a Lamy CP1 pen! Should be here next week!

  2. hi there

    Been lurking for quite a while now on this blog. Seems I have caught the Filofax bug...

    Ordered my first Filofax last week and it arrived a few days ago and I am in love. (Finsbury Raspberry). so much so, that I have put in another order for a Finchley teal... am I crazy?? I love these two colours and wanted them before they weren't made anymore!!

    Anyway, I am hopeful that they will come in useful for my uni years (another few to go!! And am planning to do postgraduate study too). I am an organisation freak so I am sure I will grow to love my new Filofaxes as time passes...

    I am now aware that my comment is bordering crazy so I will stop :) but just want to say I enjoy reading this blog a lot!

  3. @Steve -- I didn't want to clutter up the guest post, but I'm interested to see that you use a Psion5. I go in and out of being Psion fan: I still use a II as my calculator of choice, have a small box full of 3's and 3A's, a 5mx and a couple of WorkAbouts.

    I just cant pass up a bargain on Ebay.

  4. I'm leaving my finsbury days behind. I must admit, I love the older filos. Winchesters, 4clf...
    I have just purchased a hide leather 2hlf1/2 (light brown) - oh, and a 4plf1/2 (tan), a 4clf5/4 (black), 2 4clf7/8 (black and red), 0ml7/8 (chocolate brown), a York (tan) and a mulberry brown thing. I used to love palm and clies and all those things. I even bought a ipod touch because I love the ical - but trying to input... and the battery runs out...

    my trusty old filofax fits in my hand, it makes me look professional as I write away (crossword puzzle), It keeps my favourite scripture passages, poems, art, and all funky things. and when I get bored of brown, I can go to black or teal or whatever - the wonderful thing about binders - versatile.

    And I am a bit of an anglophile - it's a colonial thing - my mum was from Hove, East Sussex - and impressed on me the love of all (well most things) British.

    So, "Made in England" Winchester and Yard-o-led pencil. Ah, that and a wee dram o' The Macallan, double ah...


  5. Angela, I'm going to go out on a limb and say I think I speak for most people here that you are not crazy and definitely not alone! Many of us feel the same way. =)

    As for me, I'm off to New York City tomorrow to shop for Filofax inserts and whatever else I happen to find (perhaps a new binder - we shall see). I'm so excited, it's a little crazy. Will report on the goods...

  6. Well quite a landmark for the family and me. On Wednesday we exchanged contracts on the sale of our house here in UK, this means that my wife Alison (it's her hand in the header of the blog!) and I will be moving to our house in France full time on the 26th May.

    It's been a long term plan of ours so it's nice to see the plan coming together.

    Filofax is helping in the move big time because I've been noting things to do once we had exchanged on To-do lists so they have all been shuffled in my A5 to the front so they will be accessible a lot easier.

    I will do a post about how I'm using my Filofax organisers to keep a track of things in the next few weeks in the run up to the move.

  7. Congratulations Steve! Fantastic news and definately much use will be made in the filo in the coming weeks. Today is my birthday, and I believe my special present is a Mont Blanc pen that I will keep at home and use with my A5 Finchley. With new responsibilities at work, my A5 is getting a real workout! I'm also going on a week long business trip to Las Vegas in two weeks that I'm now planning on how to use my 2filos... I'm thinking I'll use the A5 and keep that in hotel room, and just bring a few pieces of pocket size notepaper/calendar in my wallet OR use pocket filo as a wallet - thus I can bring both... Oh the fun of planning how to use a filo!

  8. I'm happy to report that I'm deeply in luv-luv-luuuuuv with my A5 Domino-Dodo Pad diary insert combination! I feel like suddenly everything clicked, and I've found what fits my needs.

    I'm still filling in information into it. I had been keeping my blogs info and records all over the place, so I'm in the process of consolidating that info. I'm writing complete lists of my posts on each of my blogs (with a designated paper color for each blog), and making a separate list of guest posts I've done on other blogs.

    I'm also still moving things around a bit. As I use my Filo, I notice what works well and what needs to be re-arranged a bit. For example, at first I had my maps behind all my tabbed sections and right before my A-Z tabs. But I felt like they got lost back there, so I moved them to just before my first tabbed section, where I also keep my sticky notes accessory. This is a location in my Filo that I visit more often than where the maps were before, so it's easier to access them.

  9. Angela, believe me...you are not crazy! I am very patiently (well not really) waiting for my new Personal yellow Heart Filofax. I live in Texas but ordered it from the UK site as the US site does not carry them yet. Should be here by Tuesday. I have been anxiously opening up my P.O. box hoping for a key to indicate my "special package" is in one of the larger locked storage areas.....no key yet. I really don't need this filofax....but that's not the point, right? Once I receive my new filo, I will begin the task of transferring everything over from January (just the hi-lights). But wait..what pen should I use??? Such tough decisions... When I pull out my new filo at work my co-workers will say, "tell me you did not get another planner"....(they just don't understand) :)

  10. Oh no, I have my eye on another filofax again. This time the songbird personal, so not the most expensive one. Should I buy it? Of course I cannot clain to need it. I already have a nice cinnamon siena, a brown cross and a blue piazza in this size. The piazza has grubby suede and a misaligned ring, but the other two are perfectly functional. They are only not very colourful... How does the canvas material hold up? Does it stay clean or is it easy to clean? And does this model lay open flat?

    And isn't the filofax shop great! I have been to the covent garden shop a month ago, and it was so much fun even though I was by myself in London. I treated myself to a raspberry chameleon in pocket size there, and I love it. I am still struggling to find a way to live with two filos at the same time. How do other people cope with this?

    And steve, congratulations on your new house. Hope you two will be happy in France.

  11. I say get the Songbird...(of course this is coming from someone who is anxiously awaiting the yellow personal Heart filo which I did not need at all) :) it is the perfect color for spring and summer!! (At least that was my rational for the Heart addition.) Plus, since you have other personal sizes, when you do want to switch over to one of your old faithfuls, it will be a quick and easy switch.

    The Heart filofax I ordered is fabric...I will give you an update on when I receive it.

  12. With everything said and done I'm still with the 'Canterbury'.

    I guess if it has lasted 25 years it can last another quart century. No wonder Filofax went broke so many time.

    Classic design of this quality only deserves a single purchase...

  13. I must seriously get back on track with my Filos... I even got two new ones but I have been so mentally absent lately that I haven't even taken one single picture.
    I need order ASAP!!!

  14. Does anybody use the filofax pocket or mini format as a wallet? I'd like to know what your experiences are. It would mean so much more space in my handbag (now I'm carrying a wallet AND my planner). And obviously it's always great to have a legit reason to shop for a new filofax ;-)

  15. Back again :p

    Glad to see that I am not alone! Also glad to have found this blog as I can no longer feel like the geek that I know I am ;) I get a buzz from being organised and this blog just helps keeping that buzz buzzing!

    Anyway, my order for the Finchley Team still hasn't been despatched and it's been over a week. After searching high and low for a retailer that sold it, it seems I may never get to hold the thing..hmmm. Can anyone give me any opinions about specialistpens (the retailer I ordered from)?! I am itching to get my hands on a Finchley Teal and am too lazy to go instore, though it might prove a better idea as I do currently live within walking distance of Oxford Street...hmmm

  16. I meant, Finchley Teal, not Team, in all my excitement even typing the name, my fingers must have got mixed up!

  17. Hi Angela,

    I don't know that retailer, but I will tell you this: Finchley binders have been discontinued in the Teal color, so if you want it I would urge you to hurry up and get it! The Conduit Street Filofax shop is a short walk from Oxford Street, they may still have some in stock.

    Good luck! :)

  18. News for the week:
    1) I decided after over 20 years of use that my A-Z address tabs needed replacing. They were still in one piece, but the paper had discoloured at the edges. So I've put in a nice set of fabric-reinforced tabs (with silver lettering on black) from my paper stock.
    2) I've decided the slimline Westminster that I've been using for work is rubbish. The leather has marks all over the cover after just a few weeks of use, mainly being carried in a bag and put on a desk. So I've swapped to a black vintage 3CL model that I know will keep its good looks, and be a much more satisfying prospect.
    3) Tea disaster - a spillage soaks the pages in the 3CL. After some choice words the leaves have dried out, but I will need to replace many. At least a loose leaf system allows this. Moral - watch out as liquids and Filofax do not agree with one another.