09 April 2010

Free For All Friday No 73

Hi everybody! Tell us your latest Filofax news, ask questions, make suggestions. It's free! For all! :D


  1. So my big Filofax news is, next week I'm going to London and I plan to go to the BIG Filofax store!!! I'm a little nervous about seeing the Amethyst Deco in person. It's like meeting a celebrity crush face to face!!

    And, I'm on the fence whether to bring my Ivory Deco with me to London at all. I think I'd be too worried about it getting lost/ stolen/ ruined via pen explosion on the plane!

    I am already marking locations to visit on my Filofax London map. I highly recommend this map (actually 3 maps total) for anyone visiting London, whether you use it in a Filofax or not. They are extremely useful, and fold down small.

    I also have the London rail/ underground map which is a must-have.

  2. I envy the fact that you get to go to a real Filofax store. I guess that is what I miss most about purchasing planners. Ordering online is such a "chance" taken.
    But, I think I've come to realize that I was wrong about "men" using Filos, after reviewing the poll Steve put up on the site. Maybe I have been too hard on Filo vs FC.
    The FC is nice paper but carrying a "coffee table" around is crazy for me at least. And the Filo binders are so much nicer than FC. I think I will keep trying with my Filo personal, sorry FC but you seem to be "old hat". Even the "time system" website reminds us that Filo binders are compatible. Personal Filo, here I come...... again.

  3. I use the F'Fax store in Conduit Street from time to time (in fact bought my last two from there). The people in there are very helpful and most, if not all, of the selection is there! I'll be popping along if they do bring out the A5 slimline I read something about here.

    Enjoy the short walk from Picadilly or Oxford St Tube stations.

  4. I'm definitely making a trip to a London store once I move back down south to university next weekend...

  5. This week I sold a Filofax on ebay to someone in Tokyo & with the proceeds I bought a black leather credit card holder & a black change holder.
    Both have arrived and, despite being vintage stock, are brand new! And look great in my black 5/4 Winchester.
    More 'change holders' & 'credit card holders' are still available on ebay if anyone is interested.

  6. Question about Country Of Origin:

    I know that contemporary Filos are made in the far east, and the 'classic' most collectible ones were made in the UK.

    Recently I've seen several on Ebay that are marked Made In The USA. Any idea when Filos were made in the US?

    I also have a Filo marked Italian Leather, but it's not clear if it was made in Italy or just made from Italians.

  7. Simon
    Thanks for the tip off, I've just ordered/bought a change holder for my Slimline Filofax that I use as my wallet, it has plenty of card slots already, but no facility for holding loose change this will be an excellent edition.

    Still some left:

    and credit card holders:

  8. Greg, I'm glad you're back to Filofax! I feel for you with the back-and-forth. I have to agree, I like the Filofax binders better.

    I've decided to bring my Deco Filofax with me after all. I was bringing half the pages with me anyway and decided it would be much easier just to bring the whole thing.

    I'm currently using Franklin Covey weekly pages in my personal size Filofax, but I'm not sure how long I'll be using them. They are very functional: the days are columns (which is the format I prefer) and between each week there's space for notes and lists. This also allows the monthly tabs to go between the weekly pages.

    And yet, despite all the functionality of the FC pages, I really prefer the style of the Filofax pages, they seem friendlier and not so business-like. And for this weekly FC insert at least, the paper seems rough. The Filofax paper is definitely smoother.

    When I visit the Filofax shop I'm planning to get the pink week on two pages, which I've had my eye on for some time, if they still have any in stock. In fact my Filofax shopping list seems to grow daily! ;D

    Also, I realized that the Amethyst Deco is not out until next month. So I (and my credit card!) should be safe from its temptation!!

    JJ, I don't know when or which Filofaxes were made in the US. The only thing I can think of is if they are the Alligator, Ostrich or Lizard binders--those are restricted to sale in the US only because of export restrictions on those types of skins. But I don't know if binders using those skins are actually assembled in the US, or elsewhere.

  9. I am loving the new release Filofax - the Heart (yellow is my preference) in Personal size. In fact, I'm probably going to buy one next week...

  10. I am finally living in Filofax-land (aka London)!!
    That said, once I get some time off, I'll be taking a stroll into the store on Neal street, or even Paperchase or Fortnum and Mason, to check out their Filofax selections....
    I might get a new one for my projects...

  11. I'm thankful for all the ideas I find in this blog and all of them are really useful. I thought I would share something in return. For all of the Personal Slimline owners, I chanced upon a wonderful zip-around cover at an navy store here in California and bought one for my Slimline Guildford. I have to say that I am very pleased and looking forward to using it when I travel. It's a water-repellant Cordura (I believe) notebook cover and when opened, has holders for four writing instruments on the left and behind them is a full length pocket while on right is a pocket to hold your passport and another full length pocket in the back. It almost looks like it was tailor-made for the Filofax Slimline.

    It cost me around $16.00 which others may find a little expensive but given it's rarity and functionality for the Slimline, it is indeed worth it. It comes in three colors: Tan, Black and Camouflage (guys, this definitely adds some masculine look to your slimline).

    End product: A versatile zip-around Guildford Personal Slimline!

    I wish I could take pictures of my Guildford Slimline nicely sitting in it so you can have a better idea.

    Anyway, here's the link (which unfortunately doesn't due justice to the true beauty of the product in person):


  12. i attended a sales/seminar event thursday morning. they handed each attendee a smallish white box. my brain said "huh that'd be a nice box to store my a5 filo paper in"

    imagine my surprise when i peek into it and discovered a binder!

    yes, they did give everyone A5 sized 6 ring binders. I need to figure out how to cover the embossed logo (i'm not that much a fan of that company to broadcast it) and the paper inside is divine! it's lighter than any other of my a5's, has a pen loop, and is synthetic. for free? i'm really really impressed.

    photos will be uploaded to flickr once i take them. i can't figure out which branding co made them, but i'm sure if i did enough internet searching i'd find out.

    (what was the seminar about? in short electronic document storage. i find the paper planner highly amusing!)

    ps laurie, i was sadly disapppointed by the filo store in london five years ago. perhaps i went to the wrong one? it just didn't seem as big as i expected, or perhaps that was my american meglomart standards kicking in. or jet lag. i'll blame the jet lag since i went my first day...

  13. It's here It's here! My first filofax arrived 15 minutes ago! I was dying from impatience (I ordered it over three weeks ago). I got the Scanda black and it is wonderful. I took some unboxing pics with my cell phone, I'll take some with my good camera at home tonight and post to flickr.

    I have finally become a fellow filofaxian! :)

  14. Just uploaded my Scanda photos to the Flickr group!