02 April 2010

Free for All Friday No 72

My region has had heavy rains and flooding. Luckily, all my Filofaxes are stored in high, dry places! I think of all the things I could lose, along with photographs, losing Filos would make me the saddest.

Filofaxes are great places to track home maintenance and repair. Care to share any tips?

Or, as always, any subject you wish!

It is free for all, after all.


  1. I haven't tracked home repairs in my Filo yet, but I do have all of my (our) debt in there. I actually have a separate Filo just for my debt that is red( you know, in the red) It's great because it keeps me really focused and we've already knocked down much of our debt. On another note, does anyone know if Filofax in the UK ships to the states? They have some products that the US doesn't have!

  2. Hi Erin, Filofax UK definitely delivers to the US although the shipping isn't cheap. Might be worth it though! ;D

  3. Hey thanks for the info, Laurie! That is good to know in case I ever want to order from them. I have to pay off my credit card first though,,,,,,:)

  4. Has anyone used the Finsbury pocket? Does it lay down flat? Mine doesn't.

  5. Dilaila
    I have a Finsbury pocket but like yours it doesn't lay flat, it's because of the double back cover I think. But that said I don't find it a major issue for what I use it for.

  6. Home Repair expenses list:

    submersible sump pump $70
    new shop vac $85
    dumpster for contents of entire basement... $243

    Reward...new tab for complete remodel of basement!!

  7. Now I finally managed to take some photos of my Filos and posted them on Flickr!

    Please visit our German Filofax blog:

    English comments are welcome!


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