23 April 2010

Loads to talk about! Coming soon...

I made it back home from London. I had a great time!! And, it was VERY planner-intensive. I have so much to tell you!!!

Each of these will get their own post in the coming days. Here is what I'll be telling you all about:

I DID get to meet with Brigitte at the Filofax shop in London, and she talked to me for about an hour about all sorts of things: new Filofax products, product development, materials sourcing, design trends, etc. She was very generous with her time, thank you Brigitte!! She said she really wants feedback from Filofax users, which she then passes on to Filofax UK, so she was very interested in my input on Filofax products. I passed on to her lots of comments and requests Philofaxy readers have posted here, and she was very interested to know what we all here want and need from our Filofaxes! It was an awesome opportunity for me to learn more about Filofax and get a behind-the-scenes look at the brand. This one will be a very long post!

While I was at the Filofax shop I DID buy a Filofax!! A red A5 Domino, to be precise. While I was at the London Book Fair (which you can read about in my Plannerisms post) I got to see several A5 Dominos in action. And Jess's comment on my post about it clinched it for me--I decided I had to have one! Last night despite being exhausted from my journey (after getting up at 2:30 am to get to Heathrow in time for my 6am flight!) I had to stay up to set up my new Domino. I am happy to report it is now fully operational, and I couldn't be more pleased with it! (Well, maybe I'd be slightly more pleased if the cover were purple, but they didn't have purple so I chose red. Anyway...). I loaded my A5 Filofax-compatible Dodo Pad diary insert into it, and I am absolutely thrilled with it. It's colorful and fun. Rebecca from Dodo Pad showed me how she's using hers (while we were at the LBF) and it inspired me. I really like my result. I will do a full review of the A5 Domino, with photos of how I'm using my Dodo Pad diary insert in it, soon!

A new product from Dodo Pad this year is the Personal size Filofax-compatible Acad-Pad diary insert (which is their academic-year diary). Last night I loaded it into my (purple Personal size Finsbury) blogging Filofax, and it looks great. I'll do a review of this product with photos soon too!

While I was talking to Brigitte at the Filofax shop about Philofaxy, Plannerisms, travel etc. she very generously gave me as samples two Filofax products that are especially useful for travelers: the Travel Journal (in Personal size) and Receipts Envelopes (in A5 size). I will do a full review of each of these products here on Philofaxy too.

That's a lot of fun Filofax news coming soon here on Philofaxy!! I also got some non-Filofax samples while I was in London: more new Dodo Pad products, and the new Extra Small Moleskine planners (daily and weekly). I will be reviewing those products soon on Plannerisms, so stay tuned there too!

Meanwhile my family is very happy to see me, and I'm thrilled to be back home with them. I had a wonderful time in London, but I'm very happy to be home! Thanks to everyone who wished me well on my journey!


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