05 January 2011

Facebook - Filofax Club, Vintage Filofax Users Group

A new page appeared on Facebook this afternoon. 'The Filofax Club' take a look and if you 'like' the page, when you introduce yourself, please mention that you saw the link on Philofaxy.

I'm not sure who is behind the 'Filofax Club', but they look like a fun bunch of people and they also seem to be very active on Twitter too. 

Also new on Facebook this week is the Vintage Filofax Users Group, lots of great photos of 'vintage' Filofax organisers with links to catalogues etc. No it doesn't mean that the users in the group are Vintage themselves !!!! So the group is open to everyone....

Philofaxy of course still has it's own Facebook page....


  1. Love it :)

    We are all a bunch of beauty bloggers who got overly excited about Filofax and have now become obssesed!!

  2. Just wanted to point out that Franklin Covey is having a sale of 20% off "essentials" and their compact size metal hole punch is now $19.95. This works perfectly for Filofax personal size pages and can be used for classic size by punching each set of three holes individually (see Philofaxy hole punch file). Some other accessories are 20% off too, and free shipping over $69.

  3. STEVE! I can't believe you don't know who is behind Filofax Club!! I started the group! Lina, the girl who emailed you annoying questions about which filofax I should buy. :)

  4. Hi Lina
    Ah... now we know!!! Sorry I was out most of yesterday so I didn't see the build up of Twitter traffic, only the link that someone tweeted at about 6pm (French time)
    Anyway, well done, it looks like it will be a popular page and I know Philofaxy has gained quite a few followers from the club in the last 18 hours!!

  5. The prospect of a vintage filofax user group is almost enough to persuade me to sign up to Facebook, but not quite.

  6. It is worth a look, lots of great pictures and some excellent discussions about Vintage FF's

  7. I purchased 3 FF personal organizers at an estate sale. All new. Winchester with Iguana Print. A red one, a violet one, and a yellow one. I just love them.


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