26 January 2011

Breast Cancer Campaign

So as you can see our donation total has crept up to over £70, but there is still time for you to help increase the donation total and you get some lovely Filofax goodies as well.

All you need to do is click on the link below, which takes you to Filofax UK, buy anything on the site, including any of the goods in the 50% off sale which is still running and the commission earned on your purchases will be added to the donation to the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Thanks to everyone so far who has helped support our donations to this worthwhile charity. Let's help fight this killing disease.  Help to save a mother, daughter, wife, friend, work colleague, next door neighbour, they could all be possible victims of this killer.

I will post the details of our final donation total next week.

Thank you all.

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