23 January 2011

Is it a he or a she?

I was reading a blog post this morning about someone's new Filofax set up and the following thought occurred to me....

Does your Filofax have a particular gender? Is it a he or a she... ? Does it have a name?

Answers in the comments....


  1. Ok I have 13 filofaxes now of which 11 are females. I tend to call them by according to the name of the filofax (e.g Adelphi)except for the mini jade green finchley and mini pink finsbury which I call Spring and Rose respectively. The Spots filo I call Spotty.

    The males are the A5 Hampstead (which DH uses as a notebook) and the Black A5 Domino craft-o-fax.

    Oh dear I am probably quite strange! I hope I am not the only one who does this! ;-)

  2. all of mine are definitely girls. but that might be because i only have classically girly filofaxes, such as the pink finsbury and almond amazona! when i'm picking a new filo i go for luxury and style over function, so that's probably why i don't have any of the more masculine ones like chino.

  3. Mine are all "he"s, but that's mainly, because a Filofax is always a he in German...


  4. Mine are all girls, apart from the Deco who is a Lady ;0)

  5. haha Loulou I agree, the Deco is definitely a lady of the manor!

  6. "Filo" is always a she, and she's a very posh pocket "Eton" ;-).

  7. Ooh - what an interesting question! I don't know that mine are either male or female and they have the names 'home' and 'work' which is a bit functional really! Do I lack imagination maybe??

  8. Interesting to see that for the most part (as there are some differences), females mainly choose a "female" Filo and males choose a "male" Filo. =)

    I hadn't thought about this - I mainly just refer to my Filo as "My Filo" or "My planner" or "The Planner."

    But thinking about my Malden, it is definitely a he. His name is Malden. He is masculine, handsome, tough, strong and well-groomed, yet he has a soft and gentle side. He always knows what I need and can anticipate what that is. He is willing to change as I need him to, and he allows me to alter him to reflect that needed change without complaint. He is my love. He is the perfect gentleman! (Lol - don't let my husband read this!)

    As for my others - both Slimlines are male, as well as my Richmond. The black and brown Dominos are male but the red is female for some reason. My Jade Finchley is female. My chocolate classic could really go either way. The Guildford is male. The Ochre Malden is also male. None of them have different names from what they are, expect for the ones that have a specific purpose (Me binder and reference Binder).

    Why are mine mostly male?

  9. My special edition Swarovski is a Giddy Female, and my Ivory Deco is a Lady. My Vintage Rose Finchley is a little more Girlish, and my A5 Bronze domino is a dominatrix. My slimline Adelphi is an 'It Girl' or 'Girl about Town'. However my A4 Classic in Cherry is definately male. I just wish I could think of really useful jobs for each of them! They have a really easy life with me with very little work to do! I regret not buying the personal Almond Amazona when they were on offer - she would have been one classy lady.

  10. Most certainly a she Philofaxers. Don't think many male Filofaxes would feel comfortable sporting an array of glittery stickers with pride. Although I may be wrong...... maybe there is many a male philofaxer who stickers away out there in Blog Land???? It's certainly fun to do!!

  11. I don't think of my Filofaxes as "male" or "female". As Thomas pointed out before, in German every noun has its gender, so I refer to my Filofax as "he" - like I would to a chair or a table.

  12. I have one female and one male. Maybe they will breed and I can get new ones without paying for them?!

  13. Huh! I never really thought about it, but I do like what Katie said about having Filo babies and not having to pay for them! Great idea!

  14. Of course any pink or really "girlie" colors have to be a "she"!!

  15. heh heh. good one.

    streamlined and ready, no flies on his chin - he'll get you there with a grin, he's the slim fin (black slimline finsbury, male, currently used in an 'on call' basis)

    always ready for any hack, picking up any slack, this sleek one's got your back, he's the domino (black personal domino, male, currently holds this year - extras and archived. also 'tries out' new and improved layouts and designs)

    is your patience like the taz? appointments, bills and all that jazz? use me baby i'm the pocket paz (black slimline pocket topaz, male - was up until yesterday the purse planner)

    the proper place for the mainstay cal, needs for family, and EVERYTHING for this gal, so glad i have the p.a.o.l.-o mal (personal assistant of life - male - personal black malden - main planner holds everything)

    high-spirited and tons o'fun
    spicey, sassy and always on the run
    she'll totally help you get it done
    so at the end of the day you can be number 1
    in line for that much needed rum introducing l'aranciata! (orange pocket finsbury. brand spanking new - will replace the pocket paz - it'll be flickered soon)

    i love my planners like you all but man, my to-do list can really get the best of me sometimes. it helps to kookify it a bit - makes it all the more pleasurable crossing that sucker off the list

  16. I have two A5 ones.. a brown leather Classic and a bright pink A5 finsbury.. I also have a black Lyndhurst.. The brown leather one is most definately feminine.. I love how that one feels and has been my faithful friend for almost three years. However, I fancied a change, so went bright pink on my Finsbury.. not too sure if I'm liking the texture, but the colour is most definately girly! And the Lyndhurst.. well, as I put on my previous comment on another post, I'm not too sure of.. it's still got to win me over.. but that would most definately be a He! I'm not quite in love with it, but I'm sure it'll grow on me in time!!

    Thought it was just me that had girly/boy'y filos.. lol..


  17. So, would the ivory Deco and the ochre Malden make a good couple? And what would their babies look like?!

  18. Petra, You pose an interesting idea, which is almost worthy of another question...


  19. First off, Snarley I heart you! Frickin' clever girl.

    Secondly, I don't think I ever thought about assigning a gender to my planners - although since I do refer to whichever one I am currently using as "my brain" I suppose that technically makes them all female.

    Since acquiring the Raspberry & Aqua Pocket Fins, though, (my first foray into non-neutral colors) I admit I do think of those 2 as more girlie.


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