31 January 2011

Web Finds and News Update

The last one of January, where did the month disappear to... I know was in UK for over two weeks, but it's just disappeared. I have now just about caught up and I'm getting my own systems in to place for the new year properly.

I'm still happily using the A4 as my desk diary/planner, which is working great, the bigger space is even more critical now, because out of the blue our business here in France has taken off, not through the lack of trying. My wife Alison (she of the hand!) and I are property search consultants with our company Loire Thouet Property Search. So the space in my A4 gives me plenty of room to plan out appointments with agents for viewings and visits to towns. I have the job as 'wheel man' and 'shutter-man' with my camera! Also my ability to see a potentially beautiful house out of what most people would see as a pile of stones! My good sense of direction helps us find our way around some of the leafy lanes too!

My pocket Chameleon continues to do sterling work as my carry around Filofax planner, in a way it duplicates some of the functions of the A4 but in a lot smaller package, it is also my wallet too. I keep looking at other bags to carry my Pocket in as well as my other stuff, but I've not found anything that can compare for ruggedness of my ex-CD Walkman shoulder bag.

Today I re-jigged my Finsbury Personal Slimline as my Photography notebook. Essential when you are taking photos of say 20 different houses over 3-4 days, which one was the one in walking distance of the village bakery.... I am also keeping it as a general notebook and my central point for To-Do lists now too. Although I will most probably move these around between organisers as required.

I'm also using a normal Finsbury Personal as my journal to record some of the detail of life in general on more or less day to day basis, although I often miss days. I should be better at this stuff I know!

So some great posts from the interwebs over the weekend:
  • My Filofax Family - I just loved the way Lucy 'posed' all of her collection for this 'photo shoot' I can see me 'copying' some of these ideas in future posts, when the weather warms up, I will venture out beyond our Ikea coffee table which serves as the usual background for most of the pictures you see!
  • And these are a few of my favourite things - Dottie K shows off her latest Filofax and how she has customised her phone to match it.  
  • Still working on it - Danish GTD is promising some photos of his rearranged set up, show them some support and we look forward to the seeing the pictures. 
  • Random radio jottings and other gubbins - OK not a Filofax blog, but one about radio shows in UK of yesterday year. The author is a friend of ours here in France and he has a friend in UK who I know is a Philofaxy reader... take a look and show some support.
Coming up on Philofaxy soon... a quiz which I know you will find fun and might frustrate you at the same time... I'm still writing the questions, but it is shaping up nicely... watch this space as they say..

Have a good week.

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