16 January 2011

Ebay tip: set search to "worldwide"

Here is an important ebay tip from our friend colie.  Thank you for the heads-up!

"hey laurie, i have had an ebay saved search for "piccadilly green filofax" probably for the last 4 years with no exact hits. the closest was a mini version a few months ago. well it turns out i missed a perfect match in november because my saved search was not set to worldwide so it was only checking the us maket. i thought i would drop you a note to maybe remind others that are waiting for an ebay miracle replacement."
(And while we're here, if anyone knows where colie can find a Piccadilly green Filofax, please post a comment!

Many thanks again to colie!  :)


  1. I've bought a number of things from the UK over eBay. There's also a pretty good shop in Austria that's on eBay.

    That's how I got my Pistachio Classic Handbag last year, among other things.

    And yes, I know I've been away from Philofaxy for far too long. I promise I'll try to pay more attention!

    (reposted to try and fix my old picture)

  2. I noticed this evening that there is an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app for Ebay mobile that could prove useful for saved searches. Check it out in the app store, it's a free download..

  3. I always search as wide as possible. Sometimes sellers will post to you outside their stated area, particularly if they have a love of their product and they can see you do too!

    A tip from me is also to search on spelling variations on Picadilly - sometimes typos slip through or non native speakers cannot spell a brand name (one of my best bargains on the internet was a Mulberry Gisele bag that was spelled 'Giselle'. It was a real one, being sold by a private person-

  4. As you all know I've come back to Filofax from my FC nightmare.
    I was looking for that "one" Filo that would be my one and only for this year.
    I bought the Skanda personal back in Decemeber and it has been working great. Then I met Colin on the vintage Facebook page and we became friends. He has helped me find a 5/4 Winchester and now I am waiting for it's arrival. Burgundy according to the picture as I have tried for a brown or black one but just can't bring myself to spend $200.00 U.S. for one that is used.
    Really wish that Filo would bring back the Winchester as I believe as a businessman they could make a ton of money. Well anyway, waiting for my shipment and very excited.


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