04 January 2011

New Year... but some not so new posts...

Yes as you can guess to start off the New Year, this round up of posts from around the web is a little retro.. which nicely continues our look back at Filofax from years gone by:
But coming right up to date now. I think you should also check out what Kanalt has been doing and she provides some very detailed explanations of her current set ups on her very appropriately titled 'Life Well Planned' blog:
If you are looking for inspiration in the New Year, with Christmas over and still the bulk of Winter before you, then look no further than the 'Musings of a Caribbean Princess' blog. Kyla or 'CP' as a lot of us know her as now, has published some great posts on Filofax in the short time she has been blogging and her latest post is about her 'Inspiration Filofax'

And a couple of new templates have been added to the Philofaxy Files area today:
Until next time... Enjoy


  1. Nice article - it was good to chase up some of the other links - I hadn't seen most of them before.

    One minor thing... the links to the weekly meals planner don't work (the others all do).

  2. Links fixed. Sorry about that.


  3. This is my favourite blog - there always seem to be something to read! Thanks!

  4. Steve, whatever happened to the guy, a lawyer I think, who started this blog so many years ago?

  5. @Ally - Read about what happened to Philofaxer here: http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/2010/10/guest-post-philofaxer.html

    @Alison Thank you hopefully we will continue to build on things over this next 12 months like we did last year. I'm enjoying it too!

    @kanalt You are very welcome... thank you

  6. Hi all,
    Can I just add something ever so slightly off tangent.
    If you use the Opera browser (& install one of the translation extensions) then you can have the page translated upon opening in a far more functional & less 'bloated' browser.
    Opera compliments my Filos and Philofaxy is always on speed dial.

    Regards to all for 2011

  7. Thanks Steve for the link to Philofaxer's post! It was like hearing from an old friend--he has such a unique style! I hope he contributes more in the future.