01 January 2011

2010 Yearbook

Happy New Year everyone.

I've just posted the 2010 Yearbook in both PDF and Epub formats. I've also reposted the earlier PDF files with a more meaningful front page, which includes the year!

The files are in the files area, but here are the links below as well.

PDF Format
ePub Format
For those of you who have an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone, you can download the pdf files from within Safari by going to this page. Select the year and when it completes the download you get the option to open it as an iBook (if you have that free app loaded) you can then save the files on your 'Bookshelf' for off line reading!

The files are quite big, especially 2010 so they do take a while to open from the web, but once on your device they open quite quickly. 



  1. Two questions about the yearbooks:
    Do they not include any pictures?
    Are the linked pages people have mentioned in comments incorporated, or do you have to have internet access to get to those

    I have a new iPod -- will have to dry downloading these! Thanks!

  2. Hi Petra
    Yes the yearbooks do include the pictures, although the placement of the pictures with respect to the text isn't always identical to what you see on the screen.

    The links are there in text but if you don't have internet access you won't be able to connect to them, but if you do then they should work.

    Yes try downloading one or two and see how you find them.



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