20 January 2011

Free For All Friday No. 114

I don't know about you all, but my plans were completely derailed this week.  It was one of those weeks where all my written plans went out the window.  And it's not just me--several other people I talked to said this week was crazy and their plans changed a lot.

Something that Filofax planner systems are great for is the ability to remove pages and start over. For example, it looks like my spring and summer will be so completely different from what I expected, rather than white-out everything I've written in already I'm going to just buy a new monthly insert and replace the pages.

In a similar line, all the notes and reference material in my Filofax that will no longer be relevant soon can be archived and replaced, so I'm not stuck with irrelevant information in my planner for the rest of the year.

How does your Filofax help you adapt when your plans change radically?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to post comments about anything Filofax-related!  :)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. In my appointments Filofax, (currently the A4!) I write appointments in in pencil rather than pen, because my plans do change quite often.

    But in my journal Filofax (currently my Personal) I write in pen.

    But the flexibility helps with travelling plans. I archive completed to-do's and task notes quite often now in my Pocket to keep the bulk down.

  2. The filofax is so adaptable and it is easy to reorganise sections,remove old pages for archiving and change your diary format without having to change your entire diary.
    nothing beats the flexibility of a filofax!

  3. I noticed that the first Amethyst Deco made its appearance on Ebay. Looks nice, but geez what a price! Ban or no ban - this isn't going to get into my collection ... ;-)

    @steve: ever tried the erasable Pilot Frixion gel pens? Works like a charm and made me forget all about pencils!

  4. i also use pencil for most things but for stuff that's TOTALLY necessarily (and that i have a tendency to think i have more time for like BILLs DUE) i write in colour coordinated pen (money stuff is green). i so love that i can re-arrange my filofax. i do it constantly as i hate bulk and anything unnecessary gets archived immediately. i also like that i can try things out for like a week or so and if it doesn't work i can do somthing else. love that.

    on another note, did any us-ers happen to notice that they took the guildford slim off the filofaxusa site! i thought the guildford was a major staple! i'm hoping that it only means that there will be new and improved slimlines like a malden slim or a chameleon slim! oooh. i'd be in trouble if that were the case...

  5. The Guildford has been removed from the range in the UK as well, it may be that thy have some left on the website, but it is being deleted.

  6. Jotje. The price for the amethyst deco is ridiculous! I still prefer the ruby and think it will make a nice christmas or birthday present to myself this year.
    Louloudorset introduced me to frixions. Currently waiting for my order to arrive! :-)

  7. lately i have been wishing that the ruled paper came in a wider ruled form. maybe it is just me...

  8. I also write things that I think could change in pencil, but also have color coordinated pens for bills or payday (green) etc. I don't like to do whiteout because it gets messy and then if I have to look back I can see what I originally had planned.
    Yes, the amethyst Deco is beautiful! I would love to add to my collection, but alas it is much too expensive and NO NEW FILOS FOR ME THIS YEAR!

  9. colie I completely agree, the lines are too narrow for me. I wish they were 6mm, my perfect ruling.

    And, I wish the lines on the To Do forms were narrower! The To Do forms that come in the Lifestyle Packs (Family, Travel and City Dweller) have narrower spacing that is just perfect. But unfortunately those versions are not available to purchase separately.

  10. Jotje; Laurie,
    I know exactly what you mean about the line-spacings - the ruled paper is a bit too thin and the to-do list way too wide! Glad I'm not alone on this!

    Now, a dilemma I hope you can help me with... you may recall the book-o-fax issue - I like to keep reviews of the books I've read as well as lists of things I want to read and until yesterday, they were residing at the back of my 'home' filo (which I use much more for notes and the work I do from home), in the third A-Z in the filo (don't ask... it's complicated!). Yesterday, I realised my filo was now so full that I can't turn the pages properly and not very portable and it was the books stuff or the diary that had to give up its place, so I took all the book stuff out (making the filo usable and portable!). Hence, I am contemplating a book-o-fax.

    On the French Filofax site, they have the jade Finchley at 1/2 price... what's the colour of it really like? Is the screen colour (which looks quite pale) accurate? Even with the £ to euro as shocking as it is, it's still less than £80 including postage and I am tempted to get it to use as my home filo and shift the book stuff into the current home one...

    Or... do I wait until the new colours come out in spring, with the possibility that they could be nicer than the jade, or that they aren't as nice as the jade, but by then the jades are all sold....

    So, since you are all such a lovely group of enablers... advice please???

  11. I say get the jade Finchley because it will be gone very soon, but the new colors will be around all year (and longer, on ebay).

    Just my 2 cents!

  12. :-)

    I really don't need much persuading... I'm just not 100% about the colour if it is that pale, in case it looks grubby really quickly as it would be the one I carried around with me more than the book-o-fax one.

  13. that said, I would REALLY like to see a pale blue filo in FInchley...

  14. Amanda, get the jade green Finchley. I have it and it is gorgeous. I have some pictures of it compared to several other colors on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11324386@N08/5311601564/

  15. Oh, I meant to add that I keep my jade Finchley at home, not because of the color, which I think could take quite a bit (it is rich, not pale), but because of the soft leather. I just don't want to scratch or otherwise mar such a gorgeous binder!

  16. Ooh - the colour I really want is the colour of the domino next to the jade finchley. That's glorious!!!
    How many filofaxes do you have btw?? They all look beautiful - especially the B&N ones. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

  17. Petra - looked at your gorgeous Filofax collection pictures. I just got the Chameleon in red...is the Spring Green bright green or is it actually that dusty darker green as per your pictures? On the Filofax website it's almost a really bright green!!! If it is darker I really like it and might get a personal one in this colour!

  18. Little post on my blog..about my filofax obsession, if you are interested!


  19. Sam: what is your blog link? When I click on your name it shows quite a few blogs

  20. @amanda...you may not like this BUT i would actually recommend using an online pinboard for your books. i am very fond of http://pinterest.com/

    easy to use, easy on the eyes, and easy on the budget (free)

    i have been thinking of starting a filofax board on there but i don't have the motivation to pin every single make in every single color....

  21. Hi Colie,
    Hmm - had a quick look and I'm not sure it's for me... I currently have about 100 book reviews I have on filofax A5-sized and punched paper that I wrote after reading the books (hence me being barely able to use or carry the filofax with them in it!). They are now sitting in a box, tied up with ribbon, awaiting a new home.
    Much as I adore the Finchley (so soft...) it is a bit of a luxury for a filing system so I think I will wait and see what new colours the Domino range has in spring (added bonus - 30mm rings!).
    I'm not a very electronic person for some things - yes I blog and email and text and Facebook... but I love writing on paper too. I don't think I would ever look at the pinboard thing.
    But thanks for thinking of me!! :)

  22. Amanda, which color Domino were you referring to? I have the Finchley pictured next to the blue and aqua. Haven't counted my filos lately, so don't know what I'm up to :-)

    Ashley,I see what you mean about the Chameleon on the Filofax(usa) website -- that looks almost neon green! It's not like that at all, it's quite subdued. I thought it would be a sage green when I ordered it (from another vendor), but the B&N one I have next to it in my picture is a true sage and the Chameleon has a lighter, brighter green background and drab olive "hearts" in the foreground. The olive tones down the overall look and I'd say is actually the predominant tone. I chose the spring green not only because I didn't have a green filo, but because it looked most "chameleon-like" of all the colors available, shifting shade depending on what you focus on!

  23. @Petra - think it must be the aqua - the smaller of the 2 dominos in your envy-inducing pictures :-) It's a fantastic colour!!! I do hope that Filofax bring out some nice colours in their new spring range when it comes!