24 January 2011

Reader question: How to mark special appointments?

Reader Ashley has a very good question about how to highlight in her Filofax without messing up the pages.  Please post comments with any advice!

"Hi there,

I am also new to the Philofaxy blog and love it already! I am an absolute planning freak….and I love my new red Chameleon pocket Filofax. I also have a personal sized Metropol and Domino and a Domino pocket. Think my next purchase might be a Finsbury!

I was wondering if anyone else who has used a pocket size as their day-to-day organiser could help me out – I had been highlighting in my diary (week to a view) all my important appointments (e.g. Credit card due this day). As has been mentioned in the blog, I now have realised that the pages are quite thin and the highlighting has been ruining my weeks in advance by seeping or showing through the pages.

I just wondered if anyone had any good suggestions as how to highlight those important reminders in your diary without actually using a “highlighter”? I have thought of using some coloured pens and marking stars next to those important dates/appointments, but thought someone may have some better suggestions.

Thanks for your help and your awesome Philofaxy blog.

Ashy the princess"


  1. i usually write my important appointments/details for the day at the very top of the daily space, right next to the date. everything else goes underneath. that way, when i look at my week as a whole i can see whether there is a space beside the date or not and, if there is, i know there's something important to do that day. i don't like carrying a ton of pens around to colour code so this works well for me.

  2. I can't find the bit to write and question my won things.. but I keep my important things on a sticky pad that looks like a post it note, but they're clear.. new Avery ones from Staples.. really good!

    However.. my question is.. I love my filofax and have had an A5 one for a few years now, and I love it.. but it doens't quite fit in my bag so I downsized to a smaller one.. but I write dates in both diaries.. and take my smaller out with me..

    How do you organise yourself if you use a A5.. take a smaller one? or use a bigger bag??? It's probably just me, but it's confusing me and driving me to desperation!

  3. I used to do colour coding, finances in red, appointments in blue, birthdays in pink, to dos in black etc. But that means that you have to bring lots of pens with you, so I stopped doing that. I now have post its for finances, so I don't have to write them down every month, I move them once it's done.

    For the other stuff, I use the filofax to do lists and write down the other stuff in my week on 2 pages.

  4. I use the filofax stickers to mark important items, there are various stickers fr various activities

  5. Jo, I will post your question re: A5 vs Personal size as a separate post. :)

  6. I have a small purple pen which I use. i either write the note in purple or put stars in purple around the black ink so it stands out.

    I also use the little post-it notes that go in the rings (can't think of their name!) in the diary section if there is some-thing major going on in the week (& I can add notes on there).

  7. I have traditionally used a red pen to mark birthdays, and am considering using colour more for other appointments. I am keen to get one of those pens that have 4 colours in it! I have a feeling Laurie did a post about them some time ago. Perhaps Laurie you can link to it? Means you only carry one pen, but have four colours to use!

  8. I like to use a normal Bic 4-color pen (red/black/blue/green inks) and use black for most things, red for important and due dates, blue for travel and green for exercise.

    Recently I changed to the fancy-color 4-color pen (as I call it), here is my post about that:


  9. I use transparent stickers to mark important appointments on my planner pages. I own these, and other colors and shapes:

    For the convenience of highlighting without the bleed-through, you could try dry highlighters. There are wood-encased pencils like this:

    Levenger offers this refillable one:
    I have an older model I've been using for years and years, which I love. It's handy for those of us that take notes in fountain pen ink.

  10. stickers...and no they do not have to be girly. the filofax stickers are fine but like @M_Ng the transparent stickers are the best. plus you can reuse them.

    second choice would be color coding.

  11. I agree with M NG :D

    I use transparent stickers (mine are the size of a usual pagemarker) and put them above the important date. Very fast and clean and you can even "unhighlight" it again.

    My other idea would have been the Faber-Castell Pens too, i prefer the green one! I bought mine in Germany (were I live), I don't know how available they are in your country.

  12. Thanks so much for your suggestions! I decided to get the Big 4 colour pen like Laurie suggested and also some of the Filofax stickers -I won't miss an appointment ever again lol! :)

  13. Pentel makes a bible highlighter with 8 different color leads in it. I got mine at a local outlet, but I'm sure you can google it and find one online. I love mine because the pencil highlights quite nicely without any bleedthrough.

  14. I usually bubble/circle my appointments, use checkboxes for to do things for that day, and big letters for special events. If I need to see if I have a specific appointment, I just look for anything circled (in a bubble). Hope that makes sense. Sometimes if I'm home I'll color in the bubbles to make them stand out. There are highlighters that do not bleed through (or maybe I just color lightly).


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