03 January 2011

Printing Your Own Filofax Personal Pages

I have tried in the past to create my own Personal pages, but without a lot of success. I made the mistake of trying to create them on normal A4 paper and then cut out the pages.

A4 is big enough for 3 Personal size side by side with a border around them. The problem I had was aligning the front and back of the pages so when printed out the Personal pages were perfectly aligned.

What I never thought to try was printing directly on to Personal Size plain paper. Well after we published 'Nellie's' Book o Fax post, Alison asked how 'Nellie' printed out her Personal Pages.

'Nellie' has kindly sent in a file that explains it all. I've put it in the files area.
I have tried out this technique on a page I created this afternoon a personal size recipe insert and it works fine. Print one side of the paper, turn the page over manually and print the other side.

I only tried printing one sheet at a time. How well your printer will feed such thin paper will vary from printer to printer, I used an HP LaserJet  2055dn and put the paper in the manual feed tray with the guides set to the narrow width of the paper.

I don't print off many personal pages but having the facility to do it now, I will be creating more personal pages, which of course will appear in the files area.

So you will be needing some plain paper....:


  1. Dear Steve,

    thanks a lot for providing this information. Also, a very special Thank you! to Nellie for the file of instruction. Fortunately enough I use the same printer and was able to create pages properly and immediately. I finally have the chance to make my own address inserts, which I can print from the data collected in the computer.

    Once again, thank you so much and a very happy new year!!


  2. You're very welcome, I am glad they were useful. I'd love to see what inserts people print.

  3. Thanks Steve and Nellie for making this post - I'm looking forward to trying it out! Can't wait to wet up some inserts of my own!

  4. What a fabulously useful post! Thank you Steve and Nellie!
    Nellie - the screenshots in the article make it extremely easy to follow (especially as my printer is also a Canon!). Thank you for such clear instructions.

  5. I have printed directly onto personal-size pages before (and pocket as well), but unfortunately my printer feeds slightly crooked when printing the back side -- just enough to make the alignment irritating. It feeds unprinted paper in just fine! Perhaps the paper gets slightly curved and harder to feed after it's gone through one time. Anyone else run into this problem?

  6. I was toiling too with 2sided booklet printing and gave up until I did it the other way around, that is cut the paper first and then print on both sides. It works like a breeze every time!

  7. Came across this

    How to make your won paper punch

    Not tried it, but interesting idea


  8. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Very useful.

  9. I am new to this side, but it is already my favorite site! Love the ideas and the great tips. Yesterday I tried the idea above: work like a charmed! Perfect! I only have one question: I am experimented printing on different kind of paper. Which is the best quality? At the moment I like the Moleskine paper the best, but it is a little bit expensive.

  10. After a number of years carrying around my trusty A5 Kensington, I've just rekindled my passion for a personal sized rig. With a stalwart brown leather Hamilton, a Rapesco punch and some cheap pastel coloured A6 paper, I'm enjoying down-sizing my work filofax outfit. Using pages mostly shrunk from A4/A5 size templates, I'm really enjoying myself!

  11. I am also new to this site and wondered if you could help me with a small problem. I have purchased a Finsbury Grained Leather Personal Organiser for 2013 (My very first Filofax Organiser!). I already have copious amounts of A4 card in a craft box, and was attempting to be crafty and save myself money by printing three 17.1x9.5 pages (in the form of text boxes) on one sheet of A4 card and cutting them out with a guillotine. My problem is when the card comes out of the printer and I cut them to size - the pages are too small! Not by much, but enough to notice (roughly 0.6x0.5 out). What do you suppose that I am doing wrong?

    1. It sounds like your printer might be scaling things to fit the page because to be able to print 17.1 x9.5 on A4 requires the left right margins to be 6mm each side, some printers can't quite mange to use this narrow a margin.

      The notes on printing PDF's on the page:http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/p/diary-inserts.html might help in looking for the settings to change.


  12. Thanks for this info! Very helpful!