15 January 2011

News Update

A couple of 'news' items, plus a few web links to recommend to you.

All places are now taken for the Philofaxy meet up that will be taking place in London on 26th March. The places are limited in number because of the small size of the Neal Street Store, but being limited to 10 people also means that we all get to chat with each other and it also makes it easier for us to find somewhere for lunch. I'm really looking forward to the next meet up, must start putting together a shopping list!!

Sorry if you couldn't make it this time, but there will be other meet ups later this year I'm sure. Talking of which, our friends over on the German Filofax Blog Filomaniac are discussing the possibility of a meet up somewhere in main land Europe. Take part of the discussion if you are interested.

Dee from the Filofax Neal Street store tells me she now has the Malden Personal in Ochre back in stock again, it had been out of stock since before Christmas. The Malden appears to continue to be a popular choice.........

I also hear that our friend Jess Stephens has left Filofax UK to join Local Daily Deals, where she is their Marketing Director. I'm sure you will join me in wishing her well in her career move and thank you Jess for all your help and support of Philofaxy during your time with Filofax. So if you fancy working for Filofax UK they have a vacancy for an eCommerce Manager

So to around the web...
  • Our dear friend Yvotchka is making good progress with using a Pocket Filofax as her daily Filofax, read her 'Working Without a Net' blog post.  
  • Over at the 'Crazy Life of J' there is a post on 'Finding Filofax'
  • Lina of Facebook Filofax Club fame, has been adding to her collection of Filofax Organisers with a Personal Amazona there's a great video at the end of the post too.
  • Paper is paper isn't it? How about paper made out of Pineapple... check out Millie's review
  • Millie has also posted an update on how she is using her Malden in 2011
I'm in UK still for another week, busy with family stuff up in the North West, I will be posting a bit more often once I get back to France, have a great weekend. 


  1. Best of luck to Jess in her new job!!

  2. Thanks for linking to my blog Steve! I couldn't figure out why I had so many hits and comments! Stay tuned- more Filo-inspired posts are sure to come!

  3. Thanks for your kind wishes! I will of course keep Philofaxy in my bookmarks - keep in touch.

    From Jess
    (and my mini amazona, mini domino, mini finsbury and A5 siena).


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