04 February 2012

A5 Compacts....

Another frequent request seen on Philofaxy... a slimmer A5. I know we have all seen and commented about the Adelphi not quite being what we had in mind. Whilst it had the smaller rings it lost it with the additional bulk of the binder itself.

So in order to counteract these comments... we will be seeing compact A5's this year... they will all come with 20 mm rings and they are:
  • Regency
  • Luxe
  • Boston
  • Pennybridge Zip
I'm not sure if all of these will officially arrive on the UK website, but that doesn't normally stop keen buyers from finding what they want else where!

Availability from about June 2012 onwards possibly before.


  1. Hi Steve, Any info on the design of the new Boston model?

  2. The only info I have on the Boston is:

    Boston in very soft napp-like leather in black and pink with metal Filofax logo on bottom right hand corner.

    Interestingly this model also will be available in Compact (personal) with 15mm rings and Pocket Slim with 11 mm rings. But it's not available in 'regular' sizes...

  3. So they really ARE listening! It has seemed obvious to me for years...

    1. Like it or not, most of us keep most of our data (appointments, contacts etc.) on our phones and laptops = less need to carry unnecessary paper around = smaller ring needed

    2. A5 is a great size for making notes, sketching etc. but traditional A5 binders are too heavy and bulky to lug around.

    2. A5 is the best size for printing documents (certainly in UK/Europe). Most documents come in A4. Simply reduce to A5 (two pages on an A4 sheet) cut, punch and insert into your Filofax. Much easier than trying to reduce on a printer to Personal paper size.

    plus - thinner binders may be said to look sleeker (debateable!) and big fat binder rings are awful for left-handers to write around!

    So - an A5 slim binder (not in orange or purple please!) with core Filofax Time Management pages (and especially the not-to-be-discontinued WO2P diary!). Now that would be a great business tool! Tim

  4. While I'm extremely glad to see truly slimline A5s on offer, I'm wondering if I'll be able to afford any of them. I know Regency and Luxe are out of my price range, I'll have to see what the price of the Boston is. The non-leather (and purple!) Pennybridge would be my first choice except it has the iPad holder, and since I don't have an iPad this binder isn't for me.

    I'm glad Filofax is listening to us! Thank you Filofax! I hate to be picky, but I guess I should have specified that I'd like a slimline A5 that I could actually afford! Finsbury, and non-leather please?

  5. I think the Pennybridge Compact A5 isn't the one with the Ipad strapped to the back of it. I think that is going to be a separate product.

    I don't know the price of the Boston but I would guess it will be in the sort of average price bracket for a leather Filofax may be £60-£90, but that is only a guess.

  6. Presumably the Luxe is the model listed on the Swedish and other non-UK websites?


  7. Hi Steve, in Nina's post with the new Filofax catalog the Boston is shown in the lineup between the Luxe and Aston. Since Filofax shows the lineup in order from most to least expensive, the Boston's position between the Luxe and Aston indicates it will be more expensive than the Aston. The A5 Aston is 130 GBP. I don't expect I'll be getting the A5 Boston. I hope you are right and the Pennybridge has separate models of A5 with and without the iPad holder, because that would be my only budget option.