20 February 2012

Wanted - Reader Reviews

So with so many new organisers coming in to the Filofax range,  I naturally can't afford to buy all the different ones, let alone have a need for them all! But I'm sure amongst our readership we might have people with say one of the new models.

So would you like to do a Readers Review?  We can feature these on the blog from time to time. Pictures of course will save explaining things in great detail, although we would appreciate honest and frank opinions on the good and bad points of a particular Filofax design.

If you would like to do a review of a recent Filofax purchase even if it is not from latest 2012 range, then please contact us at: steve[at]philofaxy[dot]com


  1. I would love to know how anyone finds the a5 Malden, as I am considering,(cough, cough, enabling coming on,) once I have a job of course, the new purple Malden. The only thing holding me back is the 1 pen loop quandry.... as currently with my Quiver added, I can have 4 pens with the black Finsbury I use, as it has 2 pen loops.... plus 2 in the Quiver. I can colour code my diary and I like that feature.

  2. Jane
    The A5 Malden has two pen loops, one front one at the back...

  3. Reader reviews, yes, excellent idea!

    I was quite disappointed not to be able to find reviews for "rarer" Filofaxes, ie. the slimlines, or other Filofax products like the bags... Wether it's here or on other websites. And I had been looking for quite some time. Sure, you can find multiples Maldens reviews or pictures, for instance, but I was curious about other models as well.

    And as I've recently purchased the one I wanted but couldn't find many pictures of, I've told myself "I should send an email to the folks at Philofaxy, perhaps some of their readers might be interested ?"

    Same goes for a Filofax bag I acquired (filofax.fr was having a massive sale, 70% off a selection of bags, and I needed one for my laptop, and one thing led to another :)

    I hope you'll have many replies to your post, and as for me, I'm going to send you an email right away !

    (I've been lurking here without commenting for *months*, and it's this post that finally had me registering for an open-id, just to be able to comment it. Should have done that ages ago...)

  4. I'd love to see reviews especially on the older, rarer ones. Sometimes I look around on Ebay and see one I might want but there is little or no info beyond a really bad picture. It's hard to know even what they are made of sometimes, would love reviews!

  5. I agree with above comments, it is hard to find reviews for the more expensive (old and newer) filofax.
    I am happy to do a review of my Waverley if there would be any interest.
    Heppy evening all
    Nikki X

  6. Yay this would be a fab feature (even if it will make me want to buy more)

    Or could I use the chance to be a Philofaxy writer as a reason to purchase hmmmm


  7. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on a purple Personal Malden, I would love to review it for you (whenever us US peeps can get them.) Right now I am using my lovely Personal Imperial Purple Finchley.
    Jane, I had an A5 malden (Ochre) I have pics on my Flickr. I recently traded it for the abovementioned Finchley. If you have any questions I would love to help!

  8. Great idea! Now I've done my first video, I'll do a review one & send it to Steve. I think it's especially a great idea for ones that have been discontinued & you might want to buy on eBay :)

  9. I would love a review of the dominio mini, or any mini really. I am looking for one for my handbag, and I have a fairly small handbag so...I think the mini might be good.

    Reader reviews is an excellent idea.

  10. @Steph here is a link to my blog post on the Piazza mini http://heatherholistics.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-is-your-2012-organisation-going.html. This might help as an initial review.

  11. @Heather, I can't get the link to work it says it is unavailable at blogger.

  12. Steph
    Leave out the . at the end.



  13. Thanks @Steve. I guess my copy & paste technique could use some help. Works now.

  14. I have just seen the new Temperely range by Filofax. WOW!! It looks stunning, anyone with 375 pound? Please can you leave a review if you are lucky enough to have one f these beauts I really want one!



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