06 February 2012

How do you use - Day per Page

So this week let us focus on people that use a 'Day per Page' diary insert or DPP to all Philofaxers!

So the Day per Page, they are standard in most sizes, there are a few variations, some have appointment times, there are some slight variations,  Some have reduced space for Saturdays and Sundays. Some available in cotton cream. Single language, multi language, non-English. So quite a variety in just this one format.

So if you are a DPP person.... how do you use it? Tell us about your use of this format, include links to a Flickr photo if that helps. Include as much or as little detail as you like. Which version of the DPP do you use... etc etc.


  1. I use a dpp diary, I like it for having enough room to write appointments, notes for meetings, workout details etc. Mine has sat/sun on one page, which works fine. I keep about six months at a time in my binder. I also like that having a bit more room lets me add decorations like washi tape, or add doodles!

  2. After trying alternatives I have used a DPP diary in my pocket Malden for a couple of years now. I like the space it gives me for lists and planning. My DPP also has Sat/Sun on the one page but I would ideally prefer a page for each day.

  3. I still haven't really found a good format for me. Partly because my job is all about LOTS of details for a long list of diverse areas, plus my job has been changing (growing), and I have taken on some contract work. In addition, there are some personal items I am determined to conquer this year: paying off my debt, studying French and selling stuff on ebay.

    I need to have an entire year in my filofax. And my brain has to see month at a glance. That's my ocd.

    Right now I have a personal size filofax, month on two pages as dividers (I have FC, I trimmed the inside edges and repunched to fit. I used to like the daytimers like this - but I have not been able to find the green and white month pages I like.)

    In between the dividers I have the week on two pages so that I can make notes for the future. In the current month I use DPP. At the end of each month I make the transition and write out those pages, taking notes from the W2P, and from the month pages.

    I would like to move this to an A5, but I have not been able to find the month on 2 page dividers. Any suggestions?

    The FF month2P does not work for me. The thin paper does not handle my color coding. And I cannot manage having the boxes also numbered with the numbers from the previous and next month so that every box has a number. Who does that! I can't work with vertical month views at all.

  4. I have one week of DPP in my personal filofax (just in front of the entire year of WO2P). I like the DPP for a more detailed planning of each day, with the WO2P showing just appointments, birthdays, etc. I allocate tasks/goals to each day from a weekly task list (which itself came from a monthly list, which is derived from my goals to next actions lists).
    I like to block off the time I will spend on each task in the day. At the start of the week (usually a Sunday) I go through my week's worth of DPP and block off appointments and tasks.
    I use the filofax DPP and wish Sat and Sun had separate days. I sometimes add in an extra sheet of paper to act for one of them.

    [My work filofax is an A5 and there is enough space on each day (WO2P diary; vertical column with appointments) to be able to do this time-blocking for the 3 days I'm in.]

  5. I am using a dpp diary for the first time and I seem to get more done with my to dos in front of me. I have made a modified version of it with my teaching lessons.....instead of the hours of the day..... for when I get back to work. Then the dpp originals will be used again for holiday times. They are being used in full for now along with a month on 2 pages, printed from DIY planner. Didn't take me long to do either.

  6. I've been using a DPP for quite a while now, and just switched over this year to the FC DPP. I love how they provide me with designated space for timed appointments, to-dos, and ample space for notes. Because I color code, I keep all of my work and personal info on the same pages. There is even a perfect little space at the top for my weather doodles!

    Here is what one of my January pages looked like (and yes, I had to schedule time to be lazy!)


  7. I use DPP as well. I combine work and private stuff in one filofax, so page per day is just big enough to cover whole day. I use color coding for different activities. The only problem I have, is that I get lost within the weeks.

  8. @ Amanda, I like your idea. I use a similar system, but with 2 filofaxes, a pocket (with wo2p) for appointments etc. and an A5 (with wo2p) for the space to plan my week in more detail. The A5 sits on my kitchen bench. With your system I could take all that info with me!

  9. @themerrylemon can you please show the month on 2 pages layout that you have in a photo? I could probably make an A5 version for you to print...

  10. This year I have DPP again but between each work day I have added a to-do-list.

    Expands space to record what's happening and what I've done during specially busy days.

    Helps me verbally bring my team/boss up to date with what's been happening in team setting. Past year, my memory has been pretty poor. So this is good solution and helping me get back on track

  11. One of my former clients (also a friend) uses A5 DPP she designs herself, I can't reach her today to get permission to post it but she uses a JPG made in Photoshop she resizes in Word.

    So far so blah, but, she told me she formulated the seperate fields (eg expenditure, to call, Don't Forget for upcoming things she's preparing for, and even a Thought For The Day) by writing down for a week the things she:

    1. was apt to lose sight of without a reminder - this included stuff like days to buy fresh veg for the week's planned meals (you guys do that, right? ;)

    2. things that when she did have them in view, eg a silly cheery motto or something motivational, made her day go better!

    She also has a seperate page design for weekends, that includes exercise logs, stuff she can't do everyday...

    I feel a bit rubbish posting this without being able to "show and tell" but I know she shared the design & theory with a few people, so I'll go that far and hope the idea of noticing ahead what fields you like is of interest to someone, and when she gets back to me I'll see if I can blag a JPG as well!

  12. I'm experimenting with D2P with a W2P for an overview of the week. It's working really well, as I have to get a lot done.

    I need a whole page for Saturdays and Sundays as those are my busiest days.


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