01 February 2012

Philofaxy London Meet Up - May 2012

I'm pleased to be able to announce the date of the next Philofaxy London Meet Up.
Saturday 26th May 2012

The format of the day is going to be slightly different to previous London meet ups:
  • Meet up at Tate Modern at 12:00 noon
  • Lunch at Tate Modern Cafe 2
  • A short walk to City Organiser - who are opening just for our party
Andy Morse from City Organiser will also be joining us for lunch, he has over 25 years of experience in retailing Filofax products.

Now before you all get excited about booking tickets etc.... Places for this meet up will have to be confirmed. But I will not be accepting requests to join the meet up until March 16th, this is to avoid the situation where people reserve a place and then pull out at the last minute which then doesn't allow someone else the chance of a place at the meet up.

Hopefully by introducing this delay, you will be able to get the date cleared in your diary/planner and then when you request your place on or after the 16th March, you will know that you have a confirmed place and hopefully you will definitely be attending. Of course there might still be some form of family emergency or other on the day that might prevent your attendance I know.

I will send out a reminder closer to the 16th March for people to get their requests in after that date and which email address to send your requests to.

Once places have been assigned then I will send out full details about the arrangements for the day.

Looking forward to yet another great meet up in May. 


  1. Ooh. That coincides with end of exams!!!!!! Yippee xx

  2. Steve - I think the way Philofaxy is going your going to have to arrange an annual 'conference'!!!

  3. Yes I think so... need to get some sponsorship to pay for a suitable venue!

  4. Would be good if you could get Filofax themselves involved and also have a Q&A session with them to get a communication going - might be good for them to get some feedback from a lot of users. You might find they or one of the other suppliers might have facilities they would make available and attendees could make a contribution as well.

  5. I would cross the pond to attend an annual conference!

  6. Oooo that's plenty of time for me to build up the courage to come!!

  7. @Miss Oakden..... you'd love it!!! If I've got a job by then, then I'd love to come along.