15 February 2012

Journalling in Your Filofax

Have you been journalling this year? Or journalling in your Filofax even. 'Saffy' came across a series of articles on a Australian site that gives prompts for each day.

You can read them all on Kikki.K and put them in to practice as you like. But read the notes at the start of the series.

I try to make a note of things I do each day, but I'm not the more prolific of journal writers. I will be looking at their tips to try and improve what I write about each day.

Do keep a journal in your Filofax?


  1. That is a great website! Thanks for Posting it!
    I have been journaling in my Filofax and I am loving it. I use the week on 2 pages that came with it so not much room to write. On the other hand I dont feel overwhelmed that I have to write too much. I really enjoy at the end of the day journaling on my FF and looking at what I already wrote about 2012! :)

  2. In my personal Deco I have 4 WO2P in cotton cream, where I journal about my kids day. CC paper takes my Lamy FP very well, which motivates the daily journalling. Loving it!

  3. I do keep a journal on my filofax, and since retiring a year ago, its probably the main use of the filo now. I've moved on from making a few notes in the notebook/diary I always needed at work and now need the Day Per Page just for the journal. But that space does get used for 2 purposes. I write appointments (if any) and daily to-do's in pencil in the timed slots on the left of the page. I then write the 'journal' (late in the day), in ink, horizontaly accross the page with the 'top' of the page adjacent the rings and if it's a full page that day, I either just write over the penciled stuff, or rub it out first. Writing horizontally overcomes the rings making writing awkward.
    Something else I do that's a hangover from trying a pc-pased journal, is 'back up' the filo journal to this pc journal. This has the benefit of being readable (my writing IS more legible now I'm using a fountain pen, but was once appalling), and the software I use is very slick at looking stuff up. The software is DavidRM's 'Journal' and is excellent.
    And thats how I do it.

  4. I intended to keep a FF journal in my pocket Adelphi, along with a dream journal. It is such a gorgeous Filofax,in a gorgeous red, that I just have to use it for this. I have already missed quite a few slots in the journal bit though.... so I may look at the site you mentioned and begin again. Thanks for the link. xx

  5. I have been journalling in my personal Baroque since the beginning of this year. I am using Day Timer Coastline DO2P for the journal and have Day Timer Flavia sections for home and contact info. I hope to make the leap to a sort of art journal - probably just colour and doodles with maybe some small relevant pictures added. I am using a pocket Baroque as my main filo which has a capture section with coloured notepaper and a Maudie Made WO2P and use this to feed the journal. It is working very well.

  6. On a similar note - Charles Lindbergh's flight journal looks familiar in style.

  7. Ok, it would help if I'd put the link in that last comment: http://quitecontinental.net/2012/02/15/quite-continental-charm-school-day-15-keep-a-travel-journal/

  8. Thanks fo that great link! Yes, I journal in my Filofaxes. In my "house" FF (an A5 Chameleon that always stays on ,y desk) I use the WO2p vertical pages. I write the daily to- dos and appointments at the top half of the column, and at the end of the day I make very brief notes about what I did. So it shows plans and history in very brief fashion.

    In another A5 which is dedicated to personal things (a pink Finchley) I use the day per page set up for personal journalist. I'm starting to think I might need a day on 2 pages but for now I'm intermixing a plain sheet when I need to go over. Having half pages for Saturday and sunday annoys me.

  9. Hopefully I will get my first filofax this week (or at least within the month). An amber personal metropol that I ordered at 50% off from the .dk site.

    Anyhow, I know I will keep a journal part in it on blank paper. I use a small, blank notebook at the moment for my journaling purposes and really like how versatile a blank page is with regards to layout, illustrations, thought processes etc. allowing me to structure the page according to my mood. Sometimes, all girly with flowers and drawings. Sometimes just straight written lines. Sometimes pictures, and writing, and arrows going all over the page. It depends on what I am writing about. A blank page is good that way.

    I really had started to think about how to deal with the ring mechanism when writing and drawing. So thank you Rex, that's a very good tip with writing horizontally. Of some reason, I hadn't thought about writing that way!

  10. I have been struggling with how to start journaling because in the past I got caught up on the ‘chore’ of it all, you know the ‘must write every day, must write every day’ mind set. I would get to the point of being so overwhelmed by the empty dated pages and found it impossible to catch up.

    After reading the notes at the start of the journaling prompts I thought, this is my kind of journal. The prompts all seemed positive and inspiring and I didn’t have to rack my brain for something to write. And best of all there is no start or end date, they can be done at my leisure. I particularly like prompt no. 7 on a cold but sunny day.

    I copied the prompts and printed them onto personal sized paper and put some into my everyday Filofax.

    I thought they may be useful if I am out and about and have time while on a train (or plane) or even having a coffee/ bite to eat in a cafe.

    I can then transfer them back into my Journaling Filofax when I get home.

    I hope you enjoy them if you decide to give them a try and thanks to Steve for including them in a post.

  11. This was in the "you might also like..." links at the bottom of today's post. Just to say that the kikki-k links no longer work. You need this instead: http://www.kikki-k.com/blog/cat/journaling-prompts/

    There are *hundreds* of them!

  12. Oh and the link for the journaling tips is here now: http://www.kikki-k.com/blog/cat/journaling-prompts/post/new-year-journaling-tips/