02 February 2012

Filofax 2012 New Range - Part Three

So to finish off our round up of the new range for 2012 and to answer some of your questions from Parts 1 and 2.

There will be a revamp of insert packaging in 2012 and overhaul of insert design and range in 2013, and by this they mean a bit more bolder and colourful in the design, although I've not seen any examples yet... may be they should employ us on a consultancy basis!! I also hear that they are cutting the range of inserts which is bad news in some ways but we don't have any specifics about what is going to disappear.

There are some iPhone cases coming in with a Malden one on show at Paperworld this week. Pity I don't have an iPhone... may be if I buy the case that will be a good enough excuse!  They are also developing a range of iPad cases as well although several of the prototypes disappeared from the stand!

The Luxe is going to be available in UK in Mini, Pocket, Compact and A5, no mention of Personal size which I thought was a little odd... prices ranging from £85 for the Mini to £150 for the A5 my contacts tell me that one of the unique thing about this model is that the ring mechanism is covered in leather, just the rings themselves stick out.  It's available only in Blackcurrent...

There are some changes in colours of the Metropol range and the addition of the Compact size. This one is shown in Kingfisher Blue.

Later this year there will be some new Flex covers including some leather ones in Malden and Luxe type finishes in black and pink

Malden Zips in Ochre & Purple in Pocket and Personal Compact. Interiors much like the normal binders, but both have a full length gusseted pocket. Availability of this model appears to be an Europe only model, but I guess Neal Street will have it. I'm also assured that City Organiser will be able to get it as well.

Boston in very soft napp-like leather in black and pink with metal Filofax logo on bottom right hand corner.

With regards availability of the new models, (existing ones carry one obviously) in UK they will be phased in starting in March through to about July. Malden is pencilled in for a March launch..

As always if I get any more 'news' I will let you know.


  1. If this is the extent of the new range I'm a little worried. Filofax seems to be making an almost complete break from traditional leather organizers with a twist. It's nice to have a little color and bling but not exclusively. I suppose they are now in the business of fashion accessories? It is what it is. Is anyone else concerned about this? If your happy, I'm happy.

  2. Not nice to improve inserts colors but limit the layout options. Hopefully the specifics yet to come will bring some good news!
    Do you know if the purple Malden will be available in A5?

  3. I think they've done well with the new range. Modernising a little but keeping some traditional binders too. There's nothing which appeals to me at the moment but then again, I'm still totally in love with my A5 Finchley so I'm not on the lookout for a new binder ... At the moment!!

    RE the inserts. I hope they improve paper quality but don't get rid of too many layouts. Especially not the TM WO2P. I'll really be sulking if they do that!!

  4. @lime tree
    of course the purple malden is coming in a5 too. i really really can't wait for my new one to arrive ;)

  5. @Babs - I certainly agree about Time Management WO2P - already quietly deleted and DO2P shown as "sold out".

    ..and whilst we await orange, yellow and purple binders with baited breath, have you noticed that Filofax have quietly increased the prices of most of the range in the past few days - some binders by as much as £10!

  6. Aargh! Wondering what the comments on the inserts really mean. Don't much care about the insert packaging - but more about the inserts themselves! Concerned about them becoming "colorful". I color code my entries and like a white or cream background. A diary in color/colors would be a deal breaker for me. Wanting better quality paper. More cotton cream?

    Re: binders - looks like some tempting choices may be coming. The description of the Boston with the metal logo on leather is a no go for me. I prefer a logo, if there at all, to be subtle. Think of "Coach". Used to be beautiful, high quality leather bags in simple designs. Now, so much of their line is dedicated to items covered in big C's. No thank you.

  7. @ nina: Yay, good to know! Thanks! Could it be March yet?

    Curious to see pics of your new Malden! :)

  8. Disappointed to hear about the range of inserts being reduced - and not really knocked out with any binders. If it carries in this way I'll be moving to day-timer or franklin covey binders and inserts - or (shudder) going more digital.

    It's odd really - I prefer to carry as little as possible and making filofax into more of a 'fashion accessory' doesn't cut it for me - I want to carry it because it helps me organise my life - if I want to impress someone I'd whip out my Montblanc!

  9. Mmm, they seem to be marketing themselves more as a trendy accessory than a kickass organisational tool. Not sure I like the sound of the colourful inserts...would much rather have ones that help me organise my day better. I actually switched back to my Mulberry over the weekend. The paper is nice and Filofax does not offer me much in the time management category. I have over 16 binders but I just cannot find nice inserts anymore unless they are by another brand. I need a time management system, not more and more pretty binders?

    PS Just a small question. I don't know what 'guested' means. Is that related to gusseted in any way?

  10. I would like to see more inserts, but is there really a market for them?

    A problem for manufacturers is that it is so easy, with Office software, for most people to produce their own paper; on their own choice of inserts.
    Other than Calendars, but again once someone has their own calendar format in Office Software there is little reason to return to Filofax’s own, there is little in the way of practical inserts with a Unique Selling Point and at a reasonable point.

    But if Filofax do truly wish to profit from fashionable accessories then why not do things that are cheap and easy yet could stand a high profit margin, such as plastic page markers in a multitude of colours?

  11. For inserts, Filofax could go the route of a print-on-demand company like Vistaprint and allow us to make our own inserts, tabs etc, professionally printed on our own choice of paper or card stock, or plastic.

    One of the things that sold me on an A5 for my home book (ie the one with major stuff that doesn't leave the house) was the ability to make my own inserts easily without snipping three Personal size sheets from some A4.

    Just a heads-up, WH Smith in England have the tail-end of their January sale still opnline, just ordered a black Finsbury Personal for £22.50, they have a few other sizes and good reductions!

    (oh and hi btw, long time reader, first time poster!)

  12. I think Scoot makes some very good points about the inserts and how we can make our own.

    Having said that though, I have a computer background and started using digital organisation in 1997-About four years ago when my Palm Life Drive started ageing and the market moved into PDA phones I made a decision to go back to paper because I enjoy it more. I don't have the time or the will to do my own inserts, even for A5 which is relatively easy. I want to be able to buy them.

    Franklin Covey does excellent inserts that are only part of their whole 'package', but time management is a very important part of their system. Filofax seems to be moving away from that part of their business towards the trend-led binder market.

    I have Aspinal, Montblanc, Mulberry and Hermés binders which are basically fashion items with a diary thrown in. But somehow I expect more of my Filofaxes. And I am sorry but unless it is something VERY special, there is no way I would pay £400 for a filofax just because it has the Temperley name on it.

    If my current disillusionment continues, I will be selling my A5 collection - Kendal, Cinnamon Siena, Brown Amazona, Bronze Domino Snake, and Finsburys in Purple, Orange and Pink. I also have baroques, Belmonts, Modes in smaller sizes. Will make sure to put them up in the ad section here though because I do want them to go to people who adore filofaxes.

  13. @ Tim - yes I noticed they increased the prices. The A5 Malden (that I have been thinking about for ages went up by £5).

    I really hope to see some 'new' inserts too.

  14. Like Babs and Tim, I too would be upset if the Time Management inserts were no longer available. It is possible to design and print your own, but would take ages to print a year's worth of diary.
    I like the idea of colourful though and the new binders seem very colourful, which I personally like. However, that does seem to limit the choice for men who use the Filofax range.

  15. everyone that wants the time management inserts to stay and be marketed better can you comment on this message i posted on filofax's facebook wall

  16. There are first adds on Filofax UK website ... Swift and Petal.

  17. @Christa. Done! -Hope others will support your Facebook posting.

    The discussion about the demand for genuine Filofax diary inserts made me smile though. Scroll up to the top of the Philofaxy home page and what do we see? A Filofax binder with a very non-genuine Microsoft Outlook WO1P diary insert! LOL

  18. The blackcurrent Luxe looks interesting. I want to see the real thing and compare it to the purple malden. I think I understand why FF doesn't put much focus on the inserts: low profit margin. One probably have to buy 20sets of calendar inserts to contribute to the same profit margin as a (highend) binder. It makes business sense to push out new binder lines every year. I'll bite as long as the color is pretty and craftsmanship is good.

  19. Did I read the post correctly? A pocket zip Malden in purple? Now that would get my attention (I don't think they make any zip pockets right now!). LOVE my pocket Malden but do worry about the interior contents with young children around (drinks, food crumbs etc) and a zip would work great for me (would be tempted to throw my passport in it when travelling etc). Watching this space...

    As for the inserts.... going to wait to see what goes and what is spruced up before I comment. For me personally I use (and don't mind using) a biro so the paper quality is not a major issue (but I appreciate the issues of ink and that other manufacturers use superior quality paper....).

  20. the words metropol, compact, kingfisher blue ...now your talking Steve...me likey....


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